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2003 British Grip Champs (pro) Results

David Horne

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1st. David Horne 720.71

2nd. Steve Gardener 606.8

3rd. Kalle Lane 589.16

4th. Jim Wylie 576.15

5th. Paul Preece 504.99

6th. Arne Persson 396.65

Some great lifts, will post later.

Amateurs tomorrow.


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Wow ! David, seems like you're back :rock

Mobsterone is very far behind but he is not the perfect all rounder so i'm sure he did awesome things on some lifts !?

Can't wait for the report !!

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Congrats! :bow Anxious for details and video (hint, hint) :whistel

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PROFESSIONAL RESULTS (all in kg, dynamometer in pounds)


David Horne 60

Steve Gardener 35

Kalle Lane 45

Paul Preece 35

Arne Persson 30

Jim Wylie 42.5


David Horne 720

Steve Gardener 560

Kalle Lane 600

Paul Preece 610

Arne Persson 570

Jim Wylie 570


David Horne 260

Steve Gardener 200

Kalle Lane 200

Paul Preece 175

Arne Persson 185

Jim Wylie 210


David Horne 8.05

Steve Gardener 8.1

Kalle Lane 6.05

Paul Preece 5.05

Arne Persson 5.05

Jim Wylie 6.05


David Horne 90

Steve Gardener 102.5

Kalle Lane 95

Paul Preece 75

Arne Persson 0

Jim Wylie 90

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On the two hands dynometer, the winning result kicked rear.

Did you get to practice on the device before the contest? Or, are you just that far ahead of the rest?

I am wondering if specificity came into play.

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Yes we did record the bodyweight. There was no bodyweight or age formulas in the Professional section. But here's the weight of us all incase you want to know.

David Horne 97.7k

Steve Gardener 116.6k

Kalle Lane 135.1k

Paul Preece 109.9k

Arne Persson 114k

Jim Wylie 101k


I own the dynamometer (it's part of my collection and is about 150 years old). Jim and I have obviously had access to it, and I have trained for this contest for about 4 months. Remember that all dynamometers are different (shape,feel, etc), so I wouldn't read too much into the result. Just as a side note in that 4 months I haven't touched a CoC gripper.

Anyway, thanks for all your responses,


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I ought to have some photos back by this evening although some of the last few lifts from Sunday may still be on the roll in my camera (Digital coming - any advice on a good un etc via PM - I wanna get a new one late August / early September).

There were loads of bods there with digital cameras and one or two with video cameras (may not be DV though).

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I took none. I was either lifting or reffing. But there were many taken, and a dig video recording done by Dave Warrilow.


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I've just forwarded 9 good photos to Wannagrip (there may be more tomorrow) and will be putting a load on CD Rom for David Horne.

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Guest gripmaster316

I am just curious Steve what poundage rating did that dyno go up to? Most only go up to 220 pounds??

Edited by gripmaster316
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1000 lbs. Its not a grip dyno per se but a dynometer which can be used for grip strength testing. Some go much higher.

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It would be good to see you. I think you will have a great time.


Many of the earlier dynamometers like the Regnier (1798), were not only used to find the strength of the hands, but also used as a link for a kind of deadlift trial to test the back strength, and also as a link to test the strength of horses! Hence the larger poundage range. Edme Regnier's dynamometer was the first of this kind, with the eliptical spring. Others like the Charriere and Tiemann followed.


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Guest gripmaster316

Dave, have you ever had your hand tested on a medical grade hand dynamometer? I guess with your hand it would go right of the scale.

Edited by gripmaster316
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