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Anybody Have The Sorinex G-rex 621 Grip Machine


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Does anybody own the Sorinex G-Rex 621 grip machine? I was just wondering if the gripper handles & pinching flanges on it are comparable to Iron Mind's Hardy Handshake and the Titan's Telegraph Key. Seems like it is a good idea to combine it all in one machine.

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I have the G-Rex 621 and I find it to be a well designed and versatile machine. It is different from the IM Hardy Handshake and Titan's Telegraph Key because the gripping and pinching handles move toward each other in parallel rather than pivoting toward each other like the IM equipment. Depending on your goal this could be an important difference. For example because of the different range of motion the G-Rex 621 grip flanges do not simulate a spring gripper as well as the Hardy Handshake. The different range of motion is one big reason I like training on the 621 in addition to grippers. (I'm currently off 621 grip training due to my strict adherence to the KTA program and I really miss training on it).

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I have a G-Rex and it is a real humbling training tool. The most weight I

have been able to use on the crush grip is 200 lbs (not counting the slide)

and doing negatives or supporting I haven't been able to get past 350-

360 lbs. I use the footplates just like it's shown on the Sorinex site and

that's a killer. I doubt I'll ever reach the capacity of this gripper let alone

exceed it. The pinch flanges work great with just the weight of the inner

slide: one thing I do is put my thumb on the bottom flange (palm down)

and this eliminates any cheating while really cranking up the intensity.

I also have a greater appreciation of just how incredible Mr. Sorin's grip is

going by the pictures on his site. The G-Rex is a well made, versatile tool

that I'm glad I have to use.

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Do you mind telling us what G-Rex cost you? Sounds like a great piece of equipment.


"Live long, stay strong" - C.F.B.

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I am able to put about 150 pounds of plates on it, then stand on the footplates on hold on for one big mamma of a negative! :ohmy

The G-Rex is a great machine and I'm glad I own one. I think mine cost me $200 (I'm not sure whether that included shipping or not).

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When I ordered my G-Rex I also ordered a pair of the Big Squeeze handles

that you see on the Sorinex site. I believe the total cost of the G-Rex, Big

Squeeze handles and shipping to Massachusetts was around $235.00 or so.

The Big Squeeze handles you have got to try to believe how hard they are to

use. My friend is a Judo instructor and he was a little doubtful about their effect

but after training with them he was a believer. Snott, do you get an instant pump

on those negatives? I do and it's real hard to do holds for any longer than 20

seconds or so with 150 lbs in plates plus my 200 lbs on the foot plates.

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Thanx for the input guys. I definetely like the design and extra features. Having it all in one machine is convenient and doesn't take up as much space. Looks like a great buy.

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Thanks for the info on the G-Rex. I'm going to order one by the end of the month.


"Live long, stay strong" -C.F.B.

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