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2018 February - Canadian National Grip Sport Championships 2018 - Rob McMurren

Rob McMurren

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l competed in my fourth Canadian championships this weekend.  This was my time competing in the 105s against Eric, which is not an ideal.  I would find that this years 105 plus isnt forgiving either.

I was really unsure of how I was going to do in this contest.  Training had been going well but due to injuries, I had not touched the tips tester since Christmas and due to general dislike, I had not trained the  dube cube bearing at all.  

The first event was the Saxon bar which was a big disappointment for me.  I had been pulling 200 on mine, which doesn't have the texture of Eric's.  I was hoping to pull 210+ but crapped out at 179.  At this point I contemplated going to Quebec for cheap beer and poutine, but I stuck it out.

Shallow hub was next, which is usually a good one for me again I ended up about 5 pounds below my best lift.  Despite my disappointment I was happy to see Gus Bush tie for first in this event.  Quebec seemed like and ever better idea now.

Third we did the Dube cube bearing which sucked.  I was right where I knew I would be on that one, it just hurts.

Wist wrench was good, I broke 100, but again I was looking for a little more weight.

Dynomiter, I like to call it that.  179.   Not real good compared to 2 years ago, but where I expected to be.

I tied for third on the Little Big horn at 165, 

I hit 280 on the tips tester which wasn't too bad for me considering I haven't touched one since Christmas.       

  My favorite part of nationals are Eric's medleys.         He has a variety of implements which require a wide base .  There is even a card tearing.  I hit 26 of 30 to tie for second.  I missed the inch, 45 hub (which is one of the tougher ones I've tried), the #3 COC and the FBBC bomb for whatever reason I cannot lift it.  I tore the deck of cards pretty easily.  I also tore Justin Majors deck too.

In the end I finished 2nd to Eric in the 105s and fifth overall.  Although I didn't hit the numbers I wanted, I still had a good time.  There were some seriously strong guys there

Couple things that stand out,

At 69 Gus Bush did not pass on any weights in the last man standing format (except for tips tester)  Amazing

Dan Fleming should stick to skateboarding, obviously grip isn't for him. 

Justin is a beast.

As usual Eric gives out the nicest ass kickings.

Thanks for hosting 



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