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Pony Pinch Kit!


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When you do one handed pinches with it, do you touch the handles together? I find I loose strength at the end range trying to touch together.

pony pinch.jpg

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added picture.
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No I can’t close it all the way with one hand.  And I pretty much exclusively train mine with two hands because everything feels more stable and, for me, the clamps are just too hard for one hand. 

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16 hours ago, Cannon said:

@terryt3o3 Also your pix looks like a 3” clamp. That’s gonna be even harder yet. 

When I was at the store all of the shorter ones were harder, they had the same spring in them, but shorter handles (therefore shorter lever arm). I do mostly two handed for the same reason you mentioned, it just needs a lot of rubber bands attached to make it hard enough for two handed work. Thanks for the response. If I was in north america I would probably be ordering a kit from your site.

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