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Grip strength of average gym rat


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I use to work in a gym and brought in COC 1, 2, 3.4 grippers.  I told my bosses if anyone can close the number 4, then we should give them a free 1 year membership, he got so mad !!..I was like..oh please...not a chance.. Needless to say no one closed most of the grippers, only people that could close the number 1 were construction guys and 1 trainer who was 6 foot 3 and 250pds with massive forearms, former wrestler in college. He closed the number 2 without blinking.  He does not train grip, just Olympic lifts.

In College I did the something at my gym and most people could not close them either, not even the number 1.  Only 1 guy, football player, over 6 feet, 240pd solid, unbelievable huge hands, he took the number 4 and closed it half way !..no joke.. Never did grip training nor grippers.  Just a natural beast !!..

Funny, guys that have great talent for it, don't seem to give a crap about grip training, so they never train or push harder for better. 

Just my experiences :)))

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