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Growing huge forerarms / building a mighty grip

Guest MonStar1023

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Guest MonStar1023

I am curious is this the best way to go about growing HUGE forearms and really strengthening my grip BIG TIME...

I will be training for forearms/grip 1x every 6 days or so.. Ill be doing 2 sets of wrist roller - alternating overhand/underhand every other set. Then Ill also be doing 2 sets with the CoC gripper per hand.. I seriously want to TOTALLY increase my grip and add an inch or 2 on my forearms.

One of my friends that doesnt even workout crushed my hand and I have been working out for 5-6 years now..


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Here's a tip that Joe Kinney told me:

Do exercises with the gripper. By that he explained that

when you have the gripper shut, hold it shut, and perform

a curl, or a lateral raise, or another movement. His point being

that you are thereby strengthening all the involved

variables of the muscles participating in the various

body positions. You don't have to do a lot of reps, and

obviously you must use a gripper you can hold shut

for several seconds while all this movement is happening.

What is your wrist/straight forearm ratio now? Adding

two inches to the forearm is probably similar to adding

6" to the thigh. What ever your wrist measures if you

can double that around the forearm, you have something

to smile about!

Wrist curls over the knees, slow, deliberate wrist curls

with a weight that will stop you after about ten reps-

this is helping me, at least, and reverse or even hammer

curls should be included.

What equipment do you have access to?

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Guest John Thorpe

Unless you specifically want to crush, I would personally ( and do ) train all aspects of your grip.  Heavy supports for time, wide and narrow heavy pinching, and of course grippers of various difficulty. Unless you can get an ivanko adjustable.  Every single workout I'd do one of those above. Make yourself a good supported wrist roller also so you can wind up some heavy weights.


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I always found the wrist roller best for increasing overall size quickly.  As for the grip type training I do this totally for strength and any carryover is a bonus.

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For the forearms : wrist curls or wrist roller. 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps. All out effort.

For the strength : whatever the exercise (grippers, pinch, plate curls, deadlift lockouts, thick bar work, ...). Several sets of 2-3 reps or many singles. Personnaly, I think that many singles build strength like nothing else.

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