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The feeling and passion of armwrestling.

Guest Snoopery

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Guest Snoopery

to the guy that told me to watch that movie thanks. you wont see this i bet but oh well there is the odd chance. i watched the movie today with my friends and it got my heart pumping for competition. there was me and my 2 friends one was navid we had arm wrestled alot before and he was pretty good but i beat all except for once sence we have started latly before i used to just beat him all the time but i dont count those. then there is danny he is 17 and 1 year older then me. i beat him most of the time to and i barely lose to him. when we was kids we all used to arm wrestle danny would win of course but then i beat him once it felt good and i knew that i would do it again. as the movie finished we just kinda sat there watchin the credits. navid and danny were sittin beside each other so i guess they would have an arm wrestle because we all like to do it. they had one navid lost but he is kinda tired from workinout. then they had another a bit after and he lost again. i gave all of my suport but it wasnt enough. then i let danny rest up because he wanted to go against me. we got ready on my old coffee table and i was what i thought to be scared but once i got control of it i realised it was a passion and it was angsiety(i dont know how to spell it) but i could sure feel it. i like to joke around and i was bein like the guys on over the top but its all in fun no one gets hurt. so we start off and i have this drive to win and i just made his hand go down so quick but he was holding on. i knew that i had him so i desided to use my move that i do. i like move my hand so it makes his go up and down sorta thing and it was over so i just fell off the table like the canadian guy was doin and it was over. i felt really good and now i ask of my friends danny and navid to help me out when i goto a comp and make me laugh. so i hope it is good luck i will be postin anything that may happen in my carrer because you guys have been so helpful i cant thank you all enough. i know that i will lose alot and i am ready for that but it is something for me to do and i know that it would be fun. well that is all that i have to say. my friend navid promised me he would come with me and i will see if he is goin to help me train. i think that danny will be training to and what i want is for all of us to goto a comp together and i will try and get navid ready for it becuase he doesnt think he could do it but i know everyone can go but most will lose no one will become #1 their first try i just want something fun to do well summer aint around. that is a really great movie kinda old but if people think that it is stupid well then they dont have the angsiety. Thanks once again for helping me out. any pointers as i start off my journey.


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