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I just had someone ask me if it bothered me that a couple companies are selling items I came up with and I want to clear the air on this. 

FBBC sells the Climber Pinch I came up with - Andrew contacted me before starting to make them - asked permission (which I gave) and then gave a very generous Gripmas sponsorship to Gripmas from his early proceeds.   I only asked that I get credit for the idea in his advertising - which he gave.

Barrel Strength sells the Tips Tester I came up with.  Gil contacted me and ask my permission (which I gave) - asked if i wanted compensation (which I didn't).   I only asked that I get credit for the idea in his advertising - which he gave.  He also sent me one of the first models he made for free.

Both of these guys did what I thought was the right thing to do before commercially manufacturing and selling these products.  And both companies have much better quality control etc than I did making them by hand in my garage - a better product that is actually available for people to buy and use - sounds like a win win to me.  Both companies made improvements and turn out high quality products and certainly have my blessings. 

It seems several people are now selling the my Wrist Thingy - I've seen them a few places on the internet now.  Honestly I'm flattered and glad people think enough of my different ideas to make them available commercially.  Now if someone would start making the Wrist Pinch Thingy, and maybe the Climber Curl - then another of my ideas (that I really like) would be available to the public.

So long story short I am anything but upset about this.  Years from now of course no one will ever remember who came up with the idea but that's OK too.  It wasn't about credit - it's about strength.

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It's the item on the left of the picture - you use it to do wrist curls and reverse wrist curls - it's more wrist friendly than a straight bar etc


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I built a climber curl a few years before discovering the grip board.  At the time I was copying the Hercules bar from an armwrestling website - the bar was not available when I ordered it.  Now I know that it was actually your idea - and a very good one at that. 

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Actually PDA came up with the idea (or at least it was the first i saw of that design - the Formulator was made differently) but theirs was a straight bar and didn't work for me.  So I made one with handles aligned with my wrists at a comfortable angle - it worked so well that when others saw it and liked it - I made a few for sale. 

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