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Sorenix Summer Strong 10 Grip Footage


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Double Hub Lift of the Rouge 45lb Arnold Strongman Plate--I was shocked to see a pair of these special 45lb Rouge plates at Sorinex Summer Strong 10, as they were only manufactured for the Arnold Classic Strongman deadlift competition. Evidently Richard Sorinex acquired a pair at that event and brought them back to Sorinex HQ. There was not very much texture on the hub but just enough for me to get a bite with my fingers. Never thought I would get a crack at these plates:

PS: to see a really good close up of these beautiful plates go to my web-page at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWv9EPgAo5xYxExBIaZYeg and you will see them at the top of the page. ++One other thing James R. put these videos up and he gave me the whole "Hub Doctor" nickname but in all humility I do not deserve that moniker.

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James Retarides double pinching a set of 45's and 35's at Sorinex Summer Strong 10:


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My buddy James Retarides with a huge hold on the 200lb Zuvers plate at Sorinex Summer Strong 10. Being able to lift on the grip implements alone was worth the price of admission. I you ever get a crack at these be careful as you can tear a pulley tendon on these if you are not careful. James did this at the end of the day when his hands were totally fried:


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Double hub curls on the old school 45lb Marcy plates at Sorinex Summer Strong 10 . Have been watching James Fuller on these for quite some time now and was thrilled to finally have a crack at them. They are super nice plates to train on: 


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