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Gonna Build A Gripper

Clay Edgin

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After pondering and pondering, then pondering what pondering means, I've decided that I need to build my own gripper. I've got some stainless steel rod that is .25" which I will likely wind around a 7/8" or 1" steel dowel. Hopefully, I can get the handles to end up as far apart as the Ironmind grippers. I'm not sure how I'm going to get knurled aluminum handles without taking apart my own grippers (don't have the money yet to commission my own from a machine shop). I'm not sure how strong it's going to be, but if it ends up as anything less than a normal #3, then I'm going to temper the spring a bit until I can't close it.

If I get a prototype that I'm not embarrassed to have seen in public, it will be traveling with Dale Harder since he runs across more strength athletes than I do. I'll also likely circulate one to the various gripboard members so long as they promise to pass it around when they're done.

I'll keep you posted on my results in case you're interested.

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Sounds like a very challenging but cool project :cool

What about designing it totally different then the typical spring gripper? Two medium diameter springs instead of one heavy? I mean if your gonna go through the effort of making your own gripper I think you need to make it stand out and gold plating has already been done :)


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Clay, best wishes. And I if I have the chance to get my hands on one, I'll certainly test it and pass it to whoever wants it ( figure, keep it for a couple of weeks and then pass ). Hopefully it won't be in my posession if it decides to break....hehehe :):rock

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