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What equipment next


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Hi guys looking at what equipment I should have next. Im pretty new to grip sports around 3 or 4 months. Iv collected an array of things that i have made but now that it apears ill be sticking around looking to invest  some more money and support some of the businesses out there.

First this is what i have 

2 sledge hammers

1 standard 1 shallow hub

1 3" pinch block

1 key chain stub

A 2.5" rolling handle i made

And a coin lift

My wish list is i live in Australia so have to be carfull with postage

Flask or a euro(i would make this)


Anvil trainer

Levering pick

What does everyone think i should invest in first 

Already ordering grippers


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You may already have this but first in my mind is a good Olympic Barbell Set and enough weight plates to always challenge you.  I seldom (like never) see a great grip on a weak overall body.  You will develop a pretty fair grip just doing all the basic strength exercises.  I would then probably add either a set of Fat Grips or a couple thick handled dumbbells in 2" and 2 3/8" (these are easy enough to make yourself).   It's really not about having all the "toys" but just using progressive strength principles to develop the basic muscle groups involved.  As an example have you ever seen someone who could wrist curl 200# that didn't have a heck of a grip?

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CPW has the FatGrips on sale right now at half price.   

And Chris has given some great advise. 

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Sorry that didnt even cross my mind iv gota powerlifting set up squat racks olympic barbell around 240kg of plates an axel (knurled) im a powerlifter who has gotten into grip. But good point tho need to be strong overall

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Some sort of block weights

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You could perhaps consider an axle.  Given the good job you did with that revolving handle it shouldn't be too hard for you to make one.

Thickbar work will really make a difference to your grip - particularly if you use it for more than just deadlifts.

I wouldn't go past what Chris has mentioned with the thick-handled dumbbells either.

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