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Steel Shredders #2


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Passing this along. David Horne doing another snapping contest.


Steel Shredders

For those without Facebook


Steel Shredder #2

From 1 May till 30 June, 2017

Event: Unbraced Small Nails Snap

Using 5 x World of Grip 65mm nails, or cut steel.
1. The unbraced rules in force here are a pure unbraced style so keep the wrapped nail away from the rest of your body. The hands are not to intentionally touch your chest, waist, neck or anything. Small nails are being snapped, so this feat is all about hand strength and endurance. If I see you deliberately flaunt this rule, the nail snapped will be disqualified. 
2. All nails are unwrapped to start with, and the athlete will wrap his first nail when the time has started. No pre-wrapping nails. 
3. Keep bending back and forth till the nail snaps, then move on to the next one. Keep going till the 20 minutes time period is up.
If you only snap one nail for example in the time, then the time when you actually snapped this one is taken as your score (eg. one nail in 11minutes).
4. Wraps for protection will be the World of Grip 10" x 4" suede wraps. I’d advise using one wrap only.
5. No gloves are allowed. No wrapping or taping of any part of wrist, and hands is allowed.
6. Only chalk is allowed.
7. Please make a clear video for me to view. Show me the nails at the beginning. Shout out aloud when the nail snaps and of course show these snapped nails at the end.
8. Max time limit = 20 minutes to snap the 5 nails.

The World of Grip stock for this contest is 65mm ‘nails’
Sizes to choose from for the contest are:
65mm oval nail
65mm x 3mm wire ‘nail’
65mm x 2mm wire ‘nail’

1. The attempt is to be performed on any day between 1 May and 30 June, 2017.
2. Each ‘Steel Shredder’ ‘nail’ will be marked with an identification mark.
3. Please send me the video links as you do them. 
4. You can purchase as many ‘nails’ as you wish, and can have as many attempts throughout the time period till the last day. This will help your technique, strength and speed over time.
5. If the event is being hosted by a promoter and attended by many then he can open and hand the ‘nails’ to the competitors, and then video all the competitors together if he wishes.
6. Please sign up as soon as possible, so that we can get your steel to your venue in time.

Classes: Open, Women and Junior
Juniors are welcome to compete, with parental permission.

Venue: Multiple venues all around the world.

Promoter: David Horne and World of Grip

Entrance fees: £5, steel is purchased on top of this fee. 
To compete, please ask me for a total cost including your steel and shipping.

Cost of steel: 
10 nails = £3 GBP
50 nails = £12 GBP
Tell me what you want and I’ll get a total including entry fee and shipping. All 65mm long, in order of difficulty:
oval nails
3mm wire
2mm wire (juniors?)

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class

Overall Steel Shredder Champion of 2017
For the overall 2017 contest the two events results are combined.
The top 3 of the overall will be awarded prizes.
First prize = will receive a special steel art painting commissioned for the winner (this prize is worth hundreds of pounds).

The overall positions are decided by the scores in each contest (#1 and #2); example, 1st =1pt, and 4th in second comp = 4pt, so a total of 5pts. Lowest score wins. 
If it is a draw in the podium positions then it will go to countback, etc.
1 Points (Reverse strongman points scoring)
2 Countback if tied on points
3 Toughest steel snapped
4 Items snapped if still tied
5 Time taken to snap all items

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I would love to try this but I think my far fingers would be more of a hinderance on the the short stock. I may have to try a nail tomorrow to see if I would even be able to do it.

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Sounds like one heck of a challenge. . . .but 65mm is too short for me - using 2 wraps would mean I'd definitely burn my finger tips as the nail heated up!

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