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2017 January - LA FIT EXPO - Riccardo Magni


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Sorry for the delay in posting this writeup!

First of all, I need to thank Odd Haugen for always putting on a first class contest with lots of great competitors (17 this year).  This year, there were 4 WSM veterans there.  It was really nice to see Josh Thigpen and David Ostlund again (Odd and Martins were the other two).  It was great to compete against Bryan Hunsaker, Roman, and Carl Myerscough.

Rolling Thunder - this year it was the Rolling Thunder World Championships.  Last year I got 14th place so I was definitely hoping to improve and make it into the top 10 this year.

I was 268# for last year's contest.  This year a semi-svelte 251#. 

On to the attempts.  It is last man standing, so you can take as many or as few attempts as you would like after making the opening weight.  I started with 80kg, made 85kg easily, then made 90kg.  It got heavy fast!  My PR is 93kg.  I went to 95kg next and couldn't quite do it.  A little disappointing, but my spirits were raised when I saw Odd miss 115kg (253#).  I've never seen him miss that weight.  Roman did make it for the win.  Last year, he made 271#.  It made me feel better to see the top two guys miss weights they normally make.  My training has been excellent for this contest and while it was a bit unsettling to miss this weight, I was able to keep my cool and regroup for the Axle.  The other good news was that I wasn't the only person that thought that this was difficult and I ended up 10th.

Axle Deadlift - The opening weight was 170kg (374#).  I had missed this weight the last 12 times that I have tried it.  I was not to be denied this time.  I had a strong pull and made the lift.  This was a PR and obviously I was excited!!  I was 11th place here.

Now we had a long break until the Viking Hammers.

Viking Hammers - these are 33# and way more difficult than they look.  The handles are about 2" thick and you have to grip the hammers at the bottom of the handles.  Not easy.  I also have a 6'7" wingspan that really complicates things on this type of lift.  I will also comment that this event is very hard to judge.  The athlete that might look straight from 5" away has a clear bend from 20' away.  That being said I almost doubled my time from last year. going from 10.13s to 19.63!!  Clearly the 3X per week training paid off here.  I was very pleased with this PR also; I was 14th place here.

Time to eat with new friends and then come back for the Silver Bullet the next day.

Silver Bullet - This has traditionally been a good event for me.  I still haven't made the breakthrough that I am capable of in this event, but I am patient.  I held on for 18.53s.  This was good enough for 7th.  I'll be honest, my hand was very sore after the hammers.  Like, immediately.  Still, it was good for 7th place. 

Overall - I got 12th place, up one spot from last year in a very strong field.  I was very happy with this but the news got better when Roman invited me to the World Armlifting Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.  This was truly exciting.  This will be my next contest on May 12 and 13.  Needless to say, I am very excited.  There were some very impressive performances.  Roman is very strong.  Odd lifting weights well above my PR just months after a full hip replacement.  If you don't know who Bryan Hunsaker and Carl Myerscough are, you should.  And you will feel very short standing next to them...until next time!


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Hey Riccardo.

Don't know how I missed this!  Sweet write up. An event like this is near 100% something I will never get to participate in, so your report let's me live it through your minds eye.

Must be surreal to compete with these guys.   Thanks for taking the time to share. Very cool!

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Thanks for the write up! Very cool.

I do think they should replace the Rolling thunder by a more consistent rolling handle, especially for a serious contest like this. The numbers on the RT go way up(or down) depending on how much spin it has. It's just way to inconsistent for any serious competetition/record breaking imo.


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Anwnate -  Thanks!  The guys are very good.   I'm a year away from catching up to them and finishing higher.  

Royz - Thanks!   the bottom line is that Ironmind is an excellent sponsor and we will use their equipment.  Everyone has to use the same stuff on the stage so in the end,  the strongest guy does prevail. 

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20 minutes ago, riccardomagni said:

Royz - Thanks!   the bottom line is that Ironmind is an excellent sponsor and we will use their equipment.  Everyone has to use the same stuff on the stage so in the end,  the strongest guy does prevail. 

Very true.

But wouldn't it be great if you knew if you pulled 100kg at home you could probably also do it in a contest (because the implement was consistent)? Just me dreaming...:rolleyes

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