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Armwrestling program


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I put together this program that I will follow for a year.

2 workouts a week, monday and thursday


workout 1:

Bicep curls 6 sets (2 full range, 2 partial, 2 static)

wrist curls 4-5 sets 

supination 3-4 sets


workout 2:

Hammer curls 6 sets (2 full range, 2 partial, 2 static)

pronation 3-4 sets

radial deviation 3 sets



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Is this all of the training you are doing? Are you adding any other exercises to the arm wrestling specific?

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I'm running a push/pull/legs split so my arms are already tired from indirect work. Also If i add in another day of aw specific training I won't be able to recover before pull day again. I find that training like this allows for better week to week progression rather than cupious amounts of volume and exercise variety that wouldn't benefit me. If you look into some vids on youtube you can also see russian armwrestlers split their training into inside and outside training days.

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Thats a good split. I run a similar set up. As for the exercises the in the AW specific the only things I would add would be some ulnar deviation and some extensor work for balance/injury prevention. Where do you fit in your table time?

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Yeah I'll be doing them from now on now that you've mentioned it. I'll be happy to get table time once a month because the group comes together on a school day and I am a 2 hour drive away so If I've finished all assignments or homework for the is the only way I can spend the night on getting a drive to practice, practice, then come back which takes another 2 hours.

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