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Bicep soreness


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So Ive been getting some real good training in and actual table time. Its thursday and I did weightroom arm wrestling specific training on Sunday as well as did some actual pulling against and opponent. Im not "injured" but it mighta been a little to much because my biceps are still pretty sore and today while bench pressing I could feel a small weird pain feeling at the very bottom of my bench movement right on the inside bottom of my biceps. Not horrible pain but its there. Im thinking they were just over used. I used to get the same exact pain when I played baseball and was a pitcher, we just called it "throwing our arm out".

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11 hours ago, aklifta907 said:

weird pain feeling at the very bottom of my bench movement right on the inside bottom of my biceps.

By "inside bottom of biceps" do you mean at your elbow? If so that is a pretty common soreness. My left flares up if I hit neutral grip pull-ups and hammer curls pretty hard.  It could be tendon soreness, which can lead to tendinitis and tendonisis. Those 2 things will follow you for the rest of your life if you aren't careful. 

For me, the key to healing from table time is high rep active recovery.  Armwrestling will make you hurt in places you didn't know you had. I tried pulling 2xs per week for a while and I couldn't handle it. I was too beat up most of the time so the quality wasn't there. 


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Yes on bottom of bicep by the elbow but it does not feel like tendon pain, the pain is in the belly of my biceps if that makes sense. Today they are better as I took another day off yesterday but I still did some very light light reps curling just to get good blood flow or as you stated active recovery. My elbow feels great as does my forearm, just my biceps but maybe My opponent was isolating my bicep pretty good and they just got strained. 

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Keep playing it by ear, it is likely just muscle soreness. Personally, I think everyone should armwrestle because it is an all out assault on your whole body and the CNS.

You may try some dedicated top roll training for a few weeks to try to isolate the wrist and brachioradialis. Brachioradialis pain can feel like Bicep pain as the tendons sort of cross each other at the elbow. It is also capable of pronation and suppination which is why I say to top roll for a while to isolate it.

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That's a good tip from Adam. Once something starts nagging and giving you warning signs it's a good idea to work on something else. Also, different people are going to have different problem areas. Myself, I nearly never feel anything in my biceps but I'm often sore in my pronator and my brachioradialis. I'm also blessed to not have elbow pain, which is very common for armwrestlers.

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