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2017 Visegrip Viking Armlifting Challenge San Jose - July 29-30

Eric Roussin

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The details are up for the 2017 Visegrip Viking Armlifting Challenge in San Jose being put on by Odd Haugen on July 29th and 30th. I managed to convince Odd to add a 200-lb division (his events usually only include a single open weight class). Plus, there are individual awards for the top three performances in each event! These Expo events expose grip sport to lots of fitness enthusiasts. If competing against super-heavyweights has prevented you from attending these events in the past, now's a good chance to get in on the action!



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Just paid my application. Iam so excited!!

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Wow. Just like LA. They are spreading it over two days. Glad it is only 60 miles away for me. Thanks for posting Eric.

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Bad News, Sports Fans.

I followed the link about 10 days ago and it was not there any longer. I checked a few other ways via Google, could not find anything.


I emailed Odd Haugen, and this is what he said via email to me on March 13:


The strongman and grip was cancelled due to construction in the San Jose Convention Center and we have moved the whole event to Anaheim in August (he gave website address).

Also, we are going to do a Visegrip Viking Armlifting Challenge in July 8-9 at the Training Hall in Newbury Park as part our 805 Summer jam. I will be publishing information in the next couple of weeks www.oddehaugen.com


End Quote


As The Dude would say: Bummer, Man.



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