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2 Questions for more experienced benders


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Hi guys 

I have 2 questions. Both related to the photo I've attached. 

(1) what is the best way to train so that you can overcome getting stuck at the 10cm or so spacing on a bend. It feels in between stages and I find a lot of my tougher bends end up stalling here. 

(2) Ive seen several people using small crusher type wraps, such as the ones I have in the photo. Does anyone have any info on how exactly these benefit you instead of normal wraps? I just don't feel they give me any benefit at all, so I'm assuming I'm missing a technique. 

Thanks very much in advance for any responses or help guys. 



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Can you shoot a video of a bend where you get stuck? Your technique has a lot to do with it. 

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Brian do you do any ISO work? If not search this forum for EJ's post about performing them and that may help get you past that wall.

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I wouldn't say I'm an experienced bender, about 6 months in, but I would suggest some heavy gripper chest crushes to figure out where to put the bar in your hands for the crush from 90*. Focusing on a balance between chest/shoulder strength/pressure and friction from interlocking your fingers to get the best leverage.

Intentionally ignoring the wrap question because I only bend in single imps or less.

I've had no luck with one closed hand on the bar. I go from typically DO style with my knuckles running into each other, straight to fingers interlocked and trying to crush it down.

Edit: my kink is relatively strong, so iso work involves being stubborn. If I can kink it, eventually it will go. So I do 2 minute sessions, 5-7 times a day. Might take me 2 weeks to get through a bar, couple days in a row or rest as needed. A bar may move 5* a day but that gives me slow progression in isos and once that bar is done I go back to it and try to get it faster. Easier volume bending in between.

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The exact spacing should have nothing to do with it (due to bar length).

I think it would be helpful to measure your bar angles in between hits.

This will help you know your average movement per hit...and the exact range that you get stuck at.

Breaking up the bend into steps will allow you to concentrate purely on your sticking range, by having a number of them ready for a work out.

If you can start up a frozen bar from there...it'll be cake when you have a bar already moving.

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Try the bend after warming up now. It should go. If not do Isos on that range. And bend mire steel. And put more pressure! 

Btw wbat are you bending here? 

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