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Wrist curl problem


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Hey everybody!

I've a small question regarding wrist curls. Ever since I began doing this exercise I've been doing it in multiple sets. That is three sets of ten repetitions.

Lately, as I've climbed up in the weight (I'm now up to 90 pounds) , I've been having problems with using this method, though.

You see in the first set I can do nine repetitions. My problem is that after doing the first set I can't do more than two or three reps on the second and third set - my hands just feel too tired. I take a to two minute rest between the sets.

That is why I thought I'd ask; do you people do the exercise in multiple sets, or do you prefer just a single set?

Changing into doing one set certainly would be a lot easier for me, but would it provide the same workout?

Anyone, who's had similar trouble?

Thanks for your time

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Guest woody36


       Either your rest intervals are not long enough,

in which case try 4-5mins or your giving your all to

just one set.Try  3 sets of 6 and build up again on your

reps still using the 90lbs,or you could do a little curcuit

of 3-4 excercices like i do.If you go from wrist curls to

pinching to something else and so on with a break in

between each,by the time you do your next set of wrist

curls your wrists will be refreshed.

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Muchos gracias for your help, Woody36.

You were right my rest intervals were too short. Today I tried doubling them from two minutes to four minutes and I managed to 9 reps in the first set, 6 six reps in the second set and four reps in the last (third) set. This is good in my opinion because when I used only two minute breaks I could only do 3 reps in the second set and two reps in the final set.

So once again, muchos thanks to you Woody!

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Guest Jay Ansuini


One thing that helps me with wrist curls is to give my forearms and hands a little bit of a gentle stretch during the rest period.  I get a ton of bloodflow in my hands and forearms and if I don't stretch them out in between I don't get the same results.  If you do decide to stretch, don't stretch too long or hard, sometimes it can fatigue the muscles if done too intensely.

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Guest woody36


      Glad your back on track,i've never been a clockwatcher where training was concerned.If your

training for strength it's better to have slightly longer

rest periods,let your instincts dictate the pace not the

clock.Jay's idea of a little stretching between sets

is a good idea to keep you muscles warm,and like i

say if your not in a hurry or training for endurance your

minds the best clock for judgeing when your ready.

I sit looking at the bar i'm using and psyche myself up

and there justs comes a moment when it's time to go

to work.

All the best Woody.

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Thanks for the replies (and suggestions) Jay & Woody.

The funny thing is that in just about every other exercise that I do, using short rest intervals (two minutes or less) seems quite enough. I don't usually watch the clock and count the seconds, but instead do as you said, I just wait until I feel I'm ready. For some reason, with wrist curls the time I need seems to be a lot greater than in the other exercises.

Oh, well .... I'm definately going to try stretching my forearms/wrists/hands the next time I do this exercise.

Thanks to both of your for your help

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