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Bender And Grip Goddess


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It's a real treat when you get to meet and talk to someone that shares the same enthusiasm you have when it comes to grip training and grip strength.

I met bender (Eric Godfrey) and his "superbabe", grip goddess (Maggie Hicks-Godfrey) today not far from where I live. They wanted to meet ME... can you believe that?? So we set up a place and time to meet - and I brought along some of my grippers.

We met at the Cracker Barrel and had lunch. Over lunch we talked about the grippers, grip training, strength training, etc. etc. I broke out my grippers, and Maggie CRUNCHED my Trainer... I told her I've never seen a female do that to that gripper! :yikes:yikes Maggie amazed me... she weightlifts, bends nails, etc.

Well time to get out of there... so where do we go?? To my "hole in the wall" training facility (where the great and mighty Sybersnott goes to train). They saw all my weights and grip stuff - they were like kids in a candy store!! They wanted to try it all.... kettlebells, grip machines, thick bars, DB's, etc.

We set up the NYB thick bar and some bumpers and lifted that. Maggie was doing some bent over rows and Eric was showing me some of his bending feats. I demonstrated the SW, and Eric tried it too. I pulled some weight on the G-Rex, and Maggie showed me some impressive DB lifts. Eric was lifting some unfinished blobs I had, and the kettlebells, and we both lifted the "Sybersnott Inch DB". Before he left, he gave me some nails to work on (thank you, Eric!!). Maggie's lifts were incredible - I couldn't believe that she was that INCREDIBLY good-looking AND she's very strong!! WOW!! :bow:bow

Eric and Maggie.... thanks for a great time! It was a real pleasure meeting the both of you! Let's do it again sometime!! :D:):D

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Every get together, be it an Aobs or OH dinner, grip competition or even just informal meet, greet, eat and lift sessions like Syber et al have just enjoyed are always awesome when you are with like minded mates. Make sure you all copy Syber's example and make the effort.

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You are SO right! :D When you meet someone that has a like interest in what you like to do and is just as fascinated in grip strength, strength training, etc. etc. - it just makes it all the better. ;)

That's why I really missed going to this year's AOBS... you get to meet people like Heath, Pat, Steve, Richard, etc., and you get to see the things they do AND talk to them about all aspects of grip training - WOW, I'm in my element! Can it get any better than this?

Open invitation: If anyone is passing through the Atlanta area... look me up! I'll bring my grippers, and we can chat about grip training/strength. :):)

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The same goes if anyone is in the Houston area :D I would love to work out with another grip enthusiest.

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This was truly a weekend to remember. It started off on the 3rd of July when I married Maggie. Yup, it's official. We had a fantastic honeymoon, only to top it all off with a short drive to Northern Atlanta, where we met John (Sybersnot!) for Lunch.

He brought his grippers, and we talked about grip and hand strength training over lunch. It was an awsome experience. Not just being in the presense of "THE" Sybersnott, but to sit down and chat with someone who's equally passionate, if not more, about grip. I wish I had that type of personal influence in my daily life. During the meal,we tried his grippers and witnessed a matter-of-fact, no warm-up, #3 close with minimal effort. Impressive.

Another great part about meeting a new grip-fiend is their gripper collection. Not a single one of Johns grippers felt like mine. His old #4 felt like squeezing the rubber coated brick, while mine is considerably easier. I also learned that my first #2 is an absolute freak in it's strength.

After lunch, I learned exactly how one becomes a Captain-of-Crush. Entering Johns Grip-Garage, I saw the most breath taking sight: wall to wall grip toys! Thick barbells, thick dumbells, anvils, kettle belsl, a pile of Iron Mind toys, 4 different grip machines to include "The Secret Weapon", a 175lb dumbell, block weights, bumper plates, and a well rounded home gym with an excessive stack of weights. Pretty much every grip toy I ever wanted.

That day, I had my first experience with a real anvil and kettlebells, and a thick bar that wasn't made of PVC. It was also great to experience the variety of grip machines. We also took out his thick bar with bumpers and toyed with it for a while. Maggie was dead set on cleaning it, but couldn't quite make it. We also got the demo of Kenny's secret weapon. Understanding the intensity and weight John used, I understand fully how he developed his crush. Note to self: Get a "secret weapon".

At the end of the meeting, I pulled out the box-o-nails and bent a few of them. This is where my bending day started. I bent a 5/16" threaded carriage bolt. Not too difficult of a bend, but from all the rest and relaxation from the honeymoon, my hands were in top condition at 100% strength. The odd part here, was the 5/16" bolt bent it's self, as if some other force bent it for me. Truly an odd feeling.

After parting ways with John, feeling better about my grip addiction and proud to meet a good man and serious grip athlete, Maggie and I drove home. On the way back, I saw an ACE hardware and had to see if they had Shiney 60D's. I was in luck, as we picked up 10lbs of them, and even a few Grade 5's, just to try. Unfortunatly, a very large clerk started giving Maggie a hard time about not marking the bolts correctly for the check out counter. She responded with "You want to see this guy bend one of these?"

Long story short, I bent two shiney 60D's (harder than any 60D I've owned) for the employees of ACE Hardware.

Finally, getting home, I thought about the day. Meeting THE Sybersnott, and bending those nails pretty easily, I reached down and picked up a Grade 5. After about 9 little bends over 45 seconds, I "U"ed my first Grade 5. 6" x 1/4". Pictures to be posted soon on my website.

What a week! Marriage. Honeymoon. Sybersnott. Grade 5. A week to remember, for sure.

I must conclude with the same message that John mentioned. Go out and meet a fellow grip freak. It leaves you with a sense of meaning, motivation, and bonding that the gripboard can only brush on.

John, I wish I lived in Northern Atlanta.

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Eric and Maggie

Congrats on tying the knott :D

Glad you 2 and John had a great day and learned from each other,as well as making new friends,this is what its all about :bow

Maggie have you clicked the 160ip yet :D

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Bender, congrats on tying the knot and the awesome bend! You mean to tell me you met up with Sybersnott and talked grip on your honeymoon?! Wow!! My girlfriend would kill me for even thinking about such a thing! :D:D

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You mean to tell me you met up with Sybersnott and talked grip on your honeymoon

You know... It really sounds that way, but I swear, and for the record, it was "the day after the honeymoon". :D

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Awesome! So much good stuff in this thread, I can't wait for Rick's contest so I can meet everyone that's attending!!


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What a week! Marriage. Honeymoon. Sybersnott. :blink:laugh


Man, I'm so glad you and Maggie had a great time! To tell you the truth, I'll be getting MORE grip goodies in the future real soon so if you decide to stop by my neck of the woods, you're more than welcome to come by and give them a test spin!! :D My only problem: lack of space, but that may soon change!! It was real funny watching Eric picking out stuff to play with, and Maggie was hell-bent on getting that weight up!

Eric, I am so glad to have met both you and Maggie! I wish you two the best of luck on your new future together as man-and-wife... keep lifting, bending hard, and attaining your grip goals!! :):D:)

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Great report Sybersnott!

Great report Bender!!

Congratulations Bender and Grip Goddess on marriage.

An enjoyable story and ...well..just fun to read.

Thanks for sharing

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Yes, congratulations Eric and Maggie. Though insanely trying at times, marriage is wonderful. May you two enjoy many happy years together!

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