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Mcgranahan House Grip Fest!

Bill Piche

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You read it right. 15 new clips! So much video I created a new sub-album!


It was a ton of work. Just so you guys and gals know, without your support of Cybeprump.com it would NOT be possible. :)

Also, thanks so much to Steve and Tommy for sending in the tapes.

None of the clips are over 400K bytes. I did note you may have to REPLAY the clip after it loads and makes it's first run...mine was black screen on the first play because it loaded so fast.

Let me know if you like them. :rock

I also updated the stats forum.

Congrats to Tommy on the 50lb blob lift!

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Awesome work everyone!

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Awesome ! What an inspiration ! Thanks all.

Tommy's strength is amazing for his size (even if he is clearly not "skinny" on the videos :tongue )

Maybe some info about the weight of the anvil and the size of the bar ??



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Thanks a bunch for your continued effort and hard work to keep this the No1 GRIPBOARD in trhe World :bow

Steve and Tommy,This makes me even more determined to keep on pushing myself.Absolutely AWESOME :bow

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Very impressive guys, way to go


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Thankx Wanna for all of yer hard work with the video's :rock They were great. :mosher


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Thanks guys. The bar Tommy did was 30x 1/2 and the one I did was 5/8 x 37''. The anvil was 79 and slick. It was so much fun. Thank you God! Wanna did I ever say that you run the best Grip Board on the plant?

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Amazing!!!!! :bow Thanks for the hard work Wanna. Great videos guys. Thanks!

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