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Funny where you see it ...


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Have you noticed that when you are very taken with something, you tend to see things related to it far more frequently - even when there really is no relation? Very subtle things tend to stand out, sort of.

Well, this morning a very unsubtle truck drove past me. Big, and all black. Written in white along its side, with the biggest writing possible, was "GRIP". Nothing more. It was early enough in the morning that I wondered for a short while whether I was dreaming and trying to remind myself of something. Not so. As the truck drew close, I could see they had a web site - http://www.griptruck.dk/ - which turns out to have nothing to do with grip strength. But the emblem was recognizable. Strange how we give things significance.

A story from the lighter side of grip. Please feel free to share your own.

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Guest Talons

I know exactly where you are coming from. Here's my recent manifestations with 'obsessive-compulsive' grip behavior. I recently have been doing some remodeling at home and have made frequent hardware store visits. Went down and isle and just had to try out all of the spring clamps like a gripper. Had to check out the sand paper blocks and used them with finger tips. Can't help thinking that fire extinguisher handles are like a gripper, maybe can be used to make a make-shift 'Secret Weapon'. Can't help thinking paint cans are kettlebells. Can't help thinking that the cardboard boxes with a few pint cans of paint are big block weights. Can't help to think that paint rollers with the long extensions are ad hoc Weaver sticks. Carry my folding latter one-hand pinch grip style on one rail. I think I'm cracking up!!! Funny thing...if I had a truly world class grip that was the result of hard labor only, I probably wouldn't notice any of this...as they say...the grass is always greener.

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Talons-It is funny you mention strange behavior during hardware store visits, as when I go to Home Depot, I usually meander down the aisle where the sledgehammers are for some lever lifting.  It's great seeing the reactions from people when you let a big old sledgehammer come within inches of crushing your nose.

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Guest AghastGrip

Well, there is a girl who goes to my school, and the awkard thing about her is that she has a voice that is almost as deep as mine. (I've always had a fairly deep voice for as long as I can remember) Anyway, her last name is ironically "Grip". I've never met a person with the last name "Grip" before, but she seems like a pretty strong girl. I'll have to let have a go at one of the grippers sometime soon.


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