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With or without arm for assistance?


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So for the usual exercises like towel over knuckles for riser, towel or strap over the side of hand for rotator etc. do you guys prefer to do them with the arm included or do you just isolate the riser/rotator and focus on that? For example you can do a static hammer curl hold with strap over knuckles which obviously hits the riser but also the arm OR you can brace your forearm over the table or bench and just focus on the riser and take the arm out of it.

Which way do you guys prefer and are both methods transferable to the table? Hope this makes some sort of sense lol

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Both ways are good just need to be done as separate workouts. In a match, your arm muscles can only be used to the point that the wrist and hand can support them. That is to say, if your hand can't follow your arm, then you can't utilize either one.

I do both kinds of exercises:  focus specifically on the wrist and hand, and also work my bicep, brachial, tricep, forearms etc. 

When you include your arm, keep your elbow inside the perimeter of your body. It's hard to mimic the pressure that is exerted on a table in a match, but keeping your elbow in is close to this.

If you can get an hour or so of table time in every week that will be of the most benefit IMO. Some of the best in the world will say they only workout by spending time on the table. For me, coming in to the sport several years ago and being relatively weak, I had to gym train. 

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Adam thanks! Funny you mention the different days as I was thinking the same thing. So on my general arm day I'm going to do riser, rotator etc. with my forearm supported on the armwrestling table to isolate those muscles ie towel over front of hand, towel over back of hand for higher reps to pump some blood and hypertrophy stuff. On another day I will either aw and if I can't then I will do the same lifts with the towel but using a 90 degree preacher bench so that the whole chain is working together. This workout will be heavier statics for the most part. Is this sort of what you were getting at?

On weeks we can armwrestle we will do that instead of the heavy statics. Will Sarty a Canadian national champion was a big fan of the statics on the preacher bench and they do seem to really help. I think his table time was hit or miss so he did something similar and it obviously worked pretty well for him. I don't armwrestle a ton but just want to be somewhat strong on the main muscles used so Im somewhat prepared and build some good arm/forearm size in the mean time.  I just love the training behind it. Thanks again

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