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Under the Spotlight - Grip Profile - David Horne


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Today's profile features David Horne.


Truth be told…I avoided this profile until the last minute.  I didn't want to do it.  Why?  Well…David has been training Grip for 25 years.  That's longer than a number of new gripsters have been alive.  For perspective…Gil Goodman was 4 years old and Ivan Beritashvili was only 3(!) when David started "dedicated" grip training. 

Additionally, I thought someone like Elizabeth Horne or Steve Gardner would do a much better job with an introduction.  While that's indubitably true, I hesitated to ask because I barely know either of them.

The biggest problem with introducing David is that he doesn't just compete in Gripsport…he IS Gripsport.  He's been there, done that, and has the T-shirt (likely over a hundred of them ;) ).  David Horne literally wrote the Book on Grip…with his seminal work, the 507page hardcover "Gripopedia."

In researching David, I immediately came across an interview done in 2005 for Iron Grip Magazine…that essentially covers these exact profile questions (and more).  Knowing this had been covered, I think David was simply being polite when he filled out my questionnaire.  After reading this profile, I encourage you to click on this link for a more in depth view of this legend of GRIP.  While I feel " my work" has already been done for me…I will attempt a "sum up."

If Gripsport has a royalty…then David and Elizabeth Horne would fit the bill.  While we will hopefully cover Elizabeth on a later date, I need to focus on David at the moment.

David Horne has a long history of physical training (since 1985) and has mastered numerous disciplines.  He's competed (impressively) at Tug of War, Arm Wrestling, Strand Pulling, Power Lifting, Strongman, All-Around Weightlifting and Grip/Grip Contests.  He has been a Arm Wrestling, Weightlifting (95kg), and a Grip Champion (the last…too numerous to count).

David is a grip innovator, and has made it his mission to create the best equipment he could to neutralize hand size differences.  He is the creator of the Vulcan (adjustable gripper) and dozens of unique pieces of equipment made to both test and train grip strength.

An Elite nail bender, he has created a strict set of rules with the "Torque!" steel bending challenge…to preserve  the legitimacy of the sport.  David is also the owner of "David Horne's World of Grip" and maintains the DHWOG Forum.

He has set innumerable World Records in Grip and (I believe) still holds around 20 of them.  He is a former (multiple time) world record holder in what is arguably the most prestigious Grip Event ever created…the Adjustable Two Hand Pinch Apparatus (Euro). 

After a long fight with pain, in 2008, David had elbow surgery. (Note: Do not click on that link if you have a weak stomach.)  

By 2014, at the age of 52, he reclaimed his 2HP title with a lift of 122.91kg (270.97lbs)

David has authored scads of grip articles..and has been the subject of many more.  With his wealth of knowledge out there for the reading, I encourage you to spend some time on it.  David Horne is GRIP!


horne 3.jpg


A few words from David …



1.  What are your stats?  Gripboard Name, Age, Height (inches/meters), Weight (lbs/kgs), R/L dominant hand size (cm/in), Country/City (or region … whatever you are comfortable with), Relationship Status, Children?, Occupation ("international spy" is acceptable) 

Grip Board name: " David Horne "

Age: 54

Height: 6'2" (188cm)

Weight: 231 lbs on average (100-110kg…115kg at heaviest)

Dominant Hand Size: Right 7 7/8" in (20cm)

(I used to use my right hand far more, but with unsuccessful elbow surgery I now mostly use my left hand.)

Country/City:  U.K./England, West Midlands/Staffordshire, Stafford

Relationship Status: Married to a wonderful woman (Elizabeth Horne).

Children:  5 children (edit: and one on the way!)

Occupation:  Work for myself


2.  Why did you start training grip (and how long is it now)? 

I seemed to be initially strong (age 17, back in 1979) on feats that required hand strength, as when I was handed a nail to bend at work when some bodybuilders couldn’t bend it, I easily did it and got back to the job of knocking posts in. I started to compete in 1986 in the sport of Tug of War, then armwrestling, strongman, weightlifting, etc. I promoted the first all-round grip contest (British Grip Champs - Goerner Grip contest) back in April, 1991. Now in 2016, this contest is still going, and I train grip every day.


3.  Before you die, what is your ULTIMATE grip goal/goals? 

None now really! I train for physical and mental health. I compete in what I fancy, and train on pretty basic lifts and try to stay clear of injuries.


4.  How do you currently structure your overall training/how do you incorporate your grip training? 

I train my overall body, and so basic exercises are important. I have always enjoyed the Deadlift, and of course Bench Press, Curls, etc. As for my grip training, most people know I train daily, splitting my training to what events/exercises I need to, and assistance training. I change workouts around every 12-16 weeks. But key lifts stay in some sort of form.


5.  What hobbies (other than grip/bending/lifting) do you enjoy?

History, art, sea fishing and walking.


6.  Do you have a personal anecdote, topic or thoughts you'd like to include in your profile?

There are a million stories. Many years ago David Webster told me some great advice. He said “long after all the records are broken, people will only remember what kind of man you were”. This wasn’t guided to me as such, but to strong men in general.

Another thing regarding training is “consistency is key!”


7.  Who's Grip profile would you like to see next?

Innovation is everything, and it is this that always attracts my attention. There are a few out there treading new ground, but I don’t want to choose.



Thanks David.  This series will return in two weeks with Tom Scibelli.  Woot!

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Nice read David!

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A nice write up about one of the most enthusiastic grip guys in history.  I have also spoken with David on one occasion and he is a nice guy and rather soft spoken for such a strong dude.  Keep charging forward David!  Thanks again Nate for your efforts.  Great photo montage as well. 

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  • 5 years later...

An absolute grip/strength legend. I really need to get my hands on a Vulcan. Nothing but good reviews from esteem people of the community 

Thanks for the write up! 

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