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4 Thank You's...5 years in the making.


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As I renewed my membership on the GripBoard, I was reminded that I've been here for 5 years.

I'd like to take the time for 4 quick thank-you's.

1.  Thanks to our tireless leader Bill Piche (Wannagrip) for spending his time and resources to maintain this excellent forum.  This awesome upgrade just shows that Bill refuses to let time pass the GripBoard by, and highlights his desire to keep it the leading Grip-based forum in the world.  If you haven't yet become a contributor, consider throwing something in, regardless of how small.  Not only does it truly help...but having "skin in the game" seems to make a member a little more caring and concerned about our growing sport.

2.  I'd like to thank the IGC (past and present) for helping set Grip Sport on the path it's set on now.  Only as my time in the sport has grown, have I realized how much you guys have done and dealt with.  

3.  Thank you to the many friends I have gained through this forum.  If you wonder if I'm talking about you...than it's likely I am.  So many gripsters have helped me in this sport...with no thought of repayment or accolades.  This truly is a great community.

4.  Grip Sport itself (and the countless who've helped shape it).  Oddly enough, I'm thanking a faceless entity.  You see, Grip Sport has helped keep me centered over the years.  As one who has dealt with both physical and mental trials...I can tell you that no one thing (other than my wifey) has helped me through a great many hurdles that were set in my path.

That's it.  Thanks for reading. - anwnate

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Grip keeps the heart going for me too bro, although for different reasons.  Keep up the good work.

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