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Trip Reports/Write ups... Why and how?


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I'd like to encourage anyone who attends a grip contest or grip related event, to take a few minutes to create a trip report on it.


Right now, Gripsport is still in it's infancy and we are still few and far between.

Trip reports can help close those gaps in distance by allowing others to experience these contests that they couldn't make.  

They can also give new gripsters an idea of what to expect during a contest, and help them realize that they are a lot of fun...and not really that scary.  Additionally, they can highlight that while we compete against each other...we all are fighting for the same goal...PRs.  

Coming in dead last isn't at all disappointing when you set personal bests and get to meet people you seldom meet up with (if you ever have).

While we still are a "niche" or "underground" sport, trip reports and write-ups can help spread Gripsport to the public.  In today's world of social media, information about Gripsport can be easily spread.  If you write that trip report, or post, or article...or even just read one you enjoy...share it with your friends.  As often as I have written reports...I get much more joy from reading them.  So give it a shot! :)



Too many turn away from something because they have little experience with it.  There's an Eric Thomas quote I like to remember...

"Think big, dream big, but start small. That’s right, start small. Remember what I told you; start where you are, with what you have, because what you have is plenty."

Don't try to make your first report an Epic.  

Start small.  

Create a small outline in you head.  

Start with the facts...then add the flavor.

As cool as reading that a world record has been set...it's much more engaging to read about how the people reacted to it.  

Take your time...and share your thoughts and emotions.  If something funny happened...write about it.

Whether you are happy, sad, angry, jealous, nervous...this is the spice that makes the soup something to be savored.

But most of all...have fun with it.

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