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2009 June - 1st Annual Woodall Grip Challenge - MalachiMcMullen


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I think more than one person(myself included) was "off" that day. My numbers here compared to my training numbers are ridiculously low. I blame that on the incredible treatment myself, Steve and Durniat recieved from Rex's family. I became too complacent and too relaxed... the total lack of training had nothing to do with it.

Chad was flipping ON. Explosive and focused as always. 200kg on the axle, coming 2nd in the grippers, winning the RT. I know this wasn't an easy contest for Chad, he certainly worked for his win. Steve and Andrew were not letting up and constantly up there in the top 3 of events.

Steve got that 205lb #4 in the first event. If I recall correctly, that is the heaviest gripper close in competition history, choked or otherwise. He went on to do lighter 4 closes after the competition(several people videod... hopefully Jedd doesn't delete/lose/record over/forget). He also may have ended up with 266 on the RT, but he got 295(not including the pin+handle) off the ground.

Andrew was ON as well. He attempted a 476 axle and got it up 3/4 of the way. Slightly better planning may have netted him a 476 pull, but he still broke his own record, so not too shabby there. His medley performance was awesome, lightning fast. The only one faster was Chad.

Jedd, man. This is the first time I think Jedd has come outside 3rd in a looooooong time. The competition was at an extreme level and I think Jedd was slightly off on comp day. However, coming in 4th at a competition of this caliber on such an off day? That says something.

It was great meeting Aaron again. I think we had all of six or seven words when last we met at Beatty's in '07. He certainly looked to be on his game today. He didn't really have a bad event, no surprise there. He always manages to be at roughly the same level in all the events. I think he came 4th-6th in everything here consistently. Truly an all-arounder.

Rex, wtf. You have flipping 9"+ hands. Learn to use them for thickbar for goodness sake. Other than that, I think Rex had a great day. All of his lifts were up there around or just below the tops guys.

Paul came in with an injury after drinking until 2-3am the night before the competition. I also believe he didn't bother waiting until the comp was over to start up again... AND HE STILL CAME IN 7TH. PAUL, GET IT TOGETHER AND TRAIN PROPERLY.

Ryan was an impressive individual. If I heard right, he trained for this about as much as myself and about as frequently. A little bit of stragety would've netted him a 375+ axle. Starting at 401 obviously didn't work out. Nor did his stiff-legged, rounded back, grinding, sumo pulling style he decided to use. He pulled 401 to his knees 4 damn times and failed to lock out because he couldn't drive his hips forward. DO BETTER!

Chris, 60 and still whooping my ass. I believe Sundin has used the expression "like a fine wine" to describe Chris more than once. It remains true.

Brent, I was totally beating you for a few seconds. We were close in points, but not in actual weights lifted. I have a feeling this was an off day for Brent as well. Perhaps if he would learn to NOT WARMUP TO 90%.

Me? I sucked. My hands seemed to be tired just walking in there. I was off my game and was smart enough to have a squat session with some pinch and 2.5" axle work thrown in on Tuesday as a last minute mad dash to train.

Overall, this was a fantastic venue for a comp. Chad really went out of his way to make this thing professional and it really paid off. The announcer was a nice touch as well. I also did not know the whole story behind Eddy, Rex's friend doing the documentary. This guy was a pro. Rex, send me that email address again and I'll try my best to find some more training footage and photos. GET THAT STUFF SENT IN GUYS!!!!

The sponsors really stepped up, Beatty, Rice, Perth, several local companies. I don't have the shirt in front of me right now but there were over a dozen sponsors. I would like to thank them all VERY much for helping to put on such a flipping awesome contest.

One more glowing review of Rex's family, I don't think I could've been much more welcomed anywhere. Even if I paid bookoo bucks to stay. Just an amazing trip all the way around and thanks to all involved!!!!!

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