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2008 December - A Gripmas Carol - Incindium


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I'm kinda late posting my contest report so I'll try not have too long a post. I had a great time at the contest. Chris's gym setup is just sweet and he ran an excellent well organized contest. It was great seeing all you guys again and meeting new ones.

It's always a pleasure to hang out with Bob L and Dave Thorton. It was really nice to meet you DSides and the boy likes carrying the little 5lb KB I got from you around the house. Thanks again for the KB DVD. It was a pleasure to watch Bob Sundin compete, the intensity and strength in the small package really reminded me of Don Larkin.

Brent Barbe and I were neck and neck for 4th place throughout the contest until the medley where he pulled out all the stops and blew past me. Clayton managed to pass me because of the medley as well as was impressive all around for someone new to grip specific contests(remember though no hook grip on 1HDL :) its not highland games).

Zach's post contest performances kicked ass and he was just fun all day to hang around. Jedd was having a bit of an off day at the start but managed to dig deep and pull out a win.

Weldon it was really nice to meet you and your wife. Those Dumbbells you made are some quality work and I hope you are able to find a source for the steel balls so more people will have the opportunity to use or own one. Thanks again for the handle you made for me. My dad is welding it up to create my own dumbbell like the ones you have and I should have it at Christmas.

I wanted to make a point to not be as quiet at this contest and talk to more people but I guess I still need to work on that side of things some more. I was feeling a bit off in the stomach but luckily that didn't really interfere with the competition but I wasn't able to stay and enjoy the after comp stuff as much as I wished I could have. That night and the next day I felt like had a hangover even though it wasn't from beer since I only had one.

FYI Chris I have lost 30lbs since Sept. and probably more like 35-40 since the Michigan contest. Hopefully I'll be down another 30-40 lbs by this May and the next Michigan contest. I just had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery yesterday and am recovering well but not heavy lifting for the rest of the year but starting in Jan I plan to put in some real training time for the next MGC. Luckily I had still can make good gains on grip stuff while losing weight.

I know there are bunch of guys I left out and thats no slight to any of you. Everyone at the comp was cool and I think it can be said a good time was had by all.

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