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2008 September - United States Grip Championship - Paul Knight

Paul Knight

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Bob! you should write for a magazine or something! great reading! thanks.

My version:

Smitty: jokester - awesome at kettle bells/grip'n'rip - losing his hair :laugh

Chad: a gentle giant until he starts gripping stuff

Jedd: the blob boss - should enter the olympics in the 100 yard dash but w/a Blob - the next speed bag skunk!

Andrew: I think he sleeps, hanging from a 2" thick bar :whacked

Rex: very smart and scarey strong - watch this guy!

Eaton: biggest forearms I've ever seen! can prolly smash a bottle cap between his butt cheeks :laugh his girls are gonna be the next speed bag skunkettes!

Brendan: a creeper - right when you think he's not going to lift/squeeze/or bend something, he'll smash it!

Nick: farm-strength for sure! right after the comp, in the parking lot he was bending horse shoes barehanded!

Chris: all I have to say is - "who I wanna be when I grow up"

Brent: prolly would have won the whole contest if he didn't do so many damn warm-ups (he did the equivalent of 5 grip workouts during the contest before his attempts :laugh )

Josh: super cool - don't try a card trick in front of him thinking your going to fool him, he figured out one of the tricks that stumps everyone!

Zach: funny as hell - walking encyclopedia! he literally knows something about everything! very fun to be around - Zack/Jedd/Brendan/Josh/Andrew and myself stayed up til the wee hours shootin the $hit - very cool! Andrew and Josh were light weights (they passed out early - I was thinking about putting their hands in warm water :devil but Jedd had all new furniture :laugh )

Bob: reminds me alot of Casey - a guy that size isn't suppose to be lifting that much weight! :whacked:blink Bob has this muscle on top of his hand between thumb and index that needs to be sent off to a lab :laugh

The contest couldn't have gone any better! ................. the only thing the contest was missing for me was Eric Milfeld - thanks Eric for all of your expertise and training

thanks to all the sponsers for the cool prizes - holy crap there were alot of prizes!

can't wait til next year! hope I can do better on pinch and axle by then!

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