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2007 October - Backyard Bastard Bash - Too Tall

Too Tall

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My little bit on the BBB:

Well, I thought that it started at 12 noon...so I was taking my time and about 5 minutes before 11am...I get a call from Jedd asking where the I am...and I was like I have an hour right? He said it starts in 5 minutes...I was like thanks for calling me in time :D Luckily I was about 5 minutes away...so no problems :rock

So, I walk up and meet all the new guys and the old friends(no offense Chris :upsidedwn ) I meet Aaron and Josh as they get back from their 5K run/walk to get warmed up for the comp :tongue And then I see some BIG dude...and I said that must be Ryan...and it was. All these guys were very strong and they all would offer help on the events as needed.

On the events:

we all drew numbers to find out the order of how it would go down. I was #9

Grippers was first...and Aaron was the first man up and he crushed a 3.5 CoC like nothing...so I was like oohhhh snap!

I closed a almost flush mount SE to take the win in that event and Aaron was 2nd with a tad higher mount of a SE. I think Josh was tied for third with a strong pull on a hard elite.

Bending was second...(I worked hard on this event the last month...thanks to Master FrankyBoy at his doe/joe). No seriously Franky helped me tremendously and my hard work 3 times a week paid off for me. I tied for 2nd in this event with a 6.5 Edgin(john,jedd,ryan,and I hit this bolt)...Aaron won this event with a 6" Edgin. Josh and Big Dave Thorton did a 7" Edgin for third.

Next was the medley...I won this event and Jedd was second...we were the only ones to complete the entire medley. I think Big Dave was third.

Next was 2" Vbar...I won this event with a 290 pull and Ryan was 2nd with a strong pull of 270 and Aaron was third I think.

Next was the 2" axel...Ryan won with a BIG lift of 435(it was easy for him) and I took 2nd with a 425 pull...I think Jedd came in third with a big pull of 375 I think.

Lastly was the HH hold...Geezer won this event(very strong on endurance events) and I was 2nd and Aaron was third.

So I took 3 first and 3 seconds in the events.

ALL the competitors did a great job and hit many PR's :bow



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