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Original Robert Baraban dyno attempt


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I started training since last month again. Felt good on pinching and did some playful squeezes on my Chinese spring dyno and got good results. Then attempted Baraban Dyno and got 97.5kg. My dyno starts from 2.5kg  so that's 95kg. Not bad I guess



Edit: Got 75kh on the new Baraban Dyno and 94kg on the baseline both after this result 

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Solid crush Bader! You calibrated this device? Simple - weight to handle and all.

I have a table with the results of different athletes, on dynamometer of Baraban.
But they showed the old dynamometer, he underestimated the real results.
Here I can put this data, if you're interested.
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I didn't but I will next week. Nice idea.

Yes pkease kindly share the data here I am interested 

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Good attempt!

It seems that the old version of the Baraban Dynometer and the Baseline Dyno are comparable.

The difference of 20 kg between the Baraban Dynometer and Roberts Griptester is in the normal range. 

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Gabriel Sum 90,0kg R / 106,0kg L
Rich - 105 k
Chad 104.5k
Dmytry Khalagy - 102 k
Tex 100.5 k
Johannes Arsjo, 96
Dick Ivars, 94
Damir Krunic, 93
Yngve Wahlander, 92
Rex 91 k
Erik Franz 91,0kg R / 79,0kg L
Frank Henritzi 90,5kg R / 79,0kg L

Alexey Tyukalov 90.5kg
Peter Kamp 89,0kg R / 84,0kg L
Nicklas Ronnberg, 90
Nicklas Andersson, 90
Tomas Sundin, 90
Ralf Johansson, 90
Johan Espenkrona, 88
Jorg Otti 87,5kg R / 80,0kg L
Axel Hoffmann 87,0kg R / 82,5kg L
Mattias Lind, 87
Unto Raatinemi, 86
Martin Kotte 83,0kg R / 85,0kg L
Thomas Becker 85,0kg R / 80,0kg L
Drago Orec 85,0kg R / - kg L
Jorma Paananen, 86
Peter Rundberg, 85
Tobias Jedby, 85
Roy Rotzer, 84
Oskar Skelander, 84
Andreas Rosell, 84
David Sandstrom, 84
Marcus Denke, 84
Robert Unt, 84
Jonas Karlsson, 84
Jost Kuhnapfel 83,0kg R / 83,0kg L
Anders Berstrom, 83
Fredrik Landestedt, 83
Mariusz Pudzianowski, 82
Esad Fijuljanin, 82
Goran Rosen, 82
Can Umalar, 82
Damir Trocic, 81
Ove Lehto, 81
Mikael Folkesson, 81
Mats Corneliusson, 81
Sebastian Davidsson, 81
Uwe Sonnenschein 80,0kg R / 79,0kg L
Michael Clausen 80,0kg R / 75,0kg L
Holger Damaschun 80,0kg R / 72,0kg L
Simon Mahalsky 80,0kg R / 71,0kg L
Mattias Pettersson, 80
Henrik Fransson,80
Ulf Eriksson, 80
Janne Edorfsson, 80
Joakim Nilsson, 80
Henry Jauhojarvi, 79
Arne Persson, 78
Christoffer Willebrand, 77
Erik Degerman, 77
Patrik Karlsson, 76
Lars Leven, 76
Patrik Lindwall, 76
Mikael Johansson, 75
Mats Horn, 75
LG Rubensson, 74
Tommi Kokkari, 74
Hakan Petschler, 74
Anders Waldner, 74
Patrick Ostborg, 73
Emil Johansson, 72
Magnus Onerud, 72
Christian Grusovin, 72
Kenneth Burman, 72
Jonatan Jonasson, 72
Micke Ostlund, 72
Tero Nykulla, 72
Tahvo Jauhojarvi, 72
Lasse Frank, 71
Johan Mosstrom, 71
Daniel Back, 70
Fredrik Jader, 70
Leo Mellgren, 70
Mikael Johansson,70
Tommy Neselius, 70
Arman Sarcicjan, 70
Rickard Baltczar, 70
Janne Lofgren, 70
Stefan Ekulnd, 70
Fredrik Sabel, 70
Mattias Engman, 70
Rodny Benjaminsson, 70
Mattias Wiberg, 69
Tobias Molin, 69
Fredrik Nystrom, 69
Hakan Persson, 69
Mattias Halvarsson, 68
Ronny Westlin, 68
Jimmy Pero, 68
Esko Karppinen, 68
Jan Hamberg, 68
Isak Berneheim, 67
Anna Rosen, 67
Bo Augustsson, 67
Ake Johansson, 67
Fredrik Eriksson, 67
Markus Heikkila, 67
Niklas Norberg, 66
Per Berglund, 66
Mikael Hellstrom, 65
Jorgen Nilsson, 65
Tom Lahteenmaki, 65
Roine Eklund, 65
Jukka Saunamaki, 65
Karl Arne Forsberg, 65
Asil Toma, 64
Peter Brohede, 64
Arvid Koskinen, 64
Emil Sjodin, 64
Viktor Renberg, 63
Mikko Moilanen, 63
Patrik Sundqvist, 63
Hasse Dahlstrom, 63
Josefin Brander, 62
Joakim Josefsson, 62
Joel Nilsson, 62
Hakan Dahlin, 62
Erkki Jarvelin, 62
Daniel Aberg, 61
Anders Jahr, 61
Kristoffer Hulecki, 60
Andreas Pettersson, 60
Ulf Leven, 60
Tor Ekdala, 59
Anders Leven, 59
Thomas Kallander, 58
Stefan Olsson, 55
Olof Ed, 55
Lennart Kallander, 54
Micke Varhemaa, 54
Emma Ahlstrand, 54
Rickard Olsson, 50
Anki Oberg, 50
Emilie Backlund, 48
Rickard Ahlm, 47
Yvette Thorling, 46
Anna Jonasson, 46
Felicia Rydstedt, 44
Inta Ans
Подробнее: http://ironflex.com.ua/novosti/arnold-classic-2014-sorinex-mighty-mitts

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Thanks Kashtan for the results! Are these the new RB dyno or the older model I have used?

18 hours ago, Martin Kotte said:

Good attempt!

It seems that the old version of the Baraban Dynometer and the Baseline Dyno are comparable.

The difference of 20 kg between the Baraban Dynometer and Roberts Griptester is in the normal range. 

My best ever with the baseline dyno was 101KG. I guess I can reach there again soon as this is static, Then I'll compare again with the older model RB dyno.

But yes the newer RB dyno is much harder.

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