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2016 Empire Grip Challenge - Spokane, Washington

Jedd Johnson

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PROMOTER: Jedd Johnson

CONTACT: Email: jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com or call (607)857-6997

I will be running a Grip Contest on May 7th as part of the Empire Fit Expo, in Spokane Washington.


Download the Entry Form Here

DATE: 5/7/16

TIME: Pinch width testing at 9AM, Rules briefing at 9:30am, Start time 10am

WEIGH-IN: Saturday, May 7th beginning at 8AM until 10AM

LOCATION: Spokane Convention Center (Hall 100ABC)

HOTEL: Hotels available upon request.

DIVISIONS: Men: 59kg / 66kg / 74kg / 83kg / 93kg / 105kg / 120kg / 120+kg; Women: Open

EVENTS: 20mm Block Set Grippers for Max (4 attempts)
Two Hands Pinch for Max (4 Attempts)
Axle 60-second Grip Rush (1 Attempt)
12-lb Hammer Sledge Choke (4 Attempts)

ENTRY FEES: $50 to compete. ENTRY DEADLINE: 4/22/16

PO Box 806
Wyalusing PA 18853

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Really trying to make this one. Last year of coaching little league and it will hinge on who I get as a coach with me.

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Make it if you can.  I'm doing all I can to help Grip grow, but I need help from you guys as well.  If this one doesn't work out to be a fairly popular event, I'm probably not going to go out again.  I hope you can make it.


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