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Preliminary Results of #2 Modification

Tom Black

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    I really should put this in my training log, but since I am behind a week I decided to post this so everyone could see.

    The following gripper measurements were taken by pressing the gripper on an accurate digital scale.  The readings were then multiplied by 2.375 to find the closing force at the center of the handle in pounds-inch.  This is consistent with PDA’s measurement system.

1) My modified #2 with handles filed shorter (now with about 1/8” filed off the end that was longer to begin with)- 123-pounds.  292 pounds-inch by PDA measurement system.  (This gripper was 112-pounds before the modification).

2) Master- 127-pounds.   302 pounds-inch by PDA measurement system.

3) A brand new #2 right out of the bag, unseasoned (closed maybe 5 times)- 117-pounds.  277 pounds-inch via PDA measurement system.

4) A fairly old #2 – 108 pounds- 256 pounds-inch using PDA’s measurement system.  Note: this gripper has very similar dimensions to the unseasoned gripper above, which will probably end up at around 255-pounds after seasoning.  I think this gripper may have lost a little since it was new, it has been closed for quite a few reps.

     I was amazed how quickly the modified #2 has gotten closer to the Master, and how I was able to keep up with the increased resistance of the gripper each week.  I have done 5 workouts with the mod. #2 and filed it a little more than 1/32” each week.  The total amount of filing of the handle that was longer to begin with is now 1/8”.  The gripper was 112-pounds to close, now it is 123-pounds. Using PDA’s measurement off the center of the handle it went from 266-pounds to 292-pounds.  Note that it was already a fairly hard #2 to begin with.

My original prediction was that when I filed ¼” off this #2 that it would equal  my Master.  I think I’m right on schedule.  It has gone up 11 pounds, as measured off the ends, and now has only 4 pounds to go.  In yesterday’s workout I did 3 reps on this mod. #2 after doing 6 singles on the Master and 5 singles on the mod #2.  I was grinding some of the mod #2 singles so I tried the 3-rep set.  It felt great doing 3 reps on this gripper at the end of my workout, because I felt that it is now closer to the Master than to an average #2 (like the 108-pound one noted above).  Also, I am very much aware that the lowest of one of Mr. Sorin’s #3 grippers closes at exactly the same force (Probably from all those years of repping it out!)

    I hadn’t checked the closing force of the mod #2 on a scale for a couple of weeks.  I did, however, check it with strong guys in the gym.  The owner of my gym who trains on a #1 got the handles of the mod. #2 to about ½” apart and then got the new #2 to 1/8” (He is the strongest guy I know in terms of overall body strength, his best bench was 554 in competition).  Clearly, the mod. #2 is significantly harder than even the unseasoned #2 out of the bag.

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