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Secret Weapon


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The longer the handle which the plates are attached to the harder

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The ratio is not necessarily 2:1.

Think of levering a sledgehammer to your face. Even if the weight of the head stays the same, the feat becomes harder if the handle gets longer.

If the head weighs 6 pounds and you lift the hammer by the head, then the feat is not much harder than lifting 6 pounds. But if you grab the handle in the middle then the feat is harder. It might feel like lifting 12 pounds even though the head still weighs the same. If you grab the handle at the end, the feat is harder still.

The secret weapon works the same way. The "weight" is at one end and you're grabbing in the middle of the handle. So the weight feels heavier than face value.

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The closer the weight load is to the fulcrum/pivot point AND/OR the further it is away from your hand, the greater the ratio and torque.

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