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Rolling Thunder Curls


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I like both...depending on goals in training...The deadlift with RT is more of a grip focus...Where the curls hit more of the wrist and forearms /biceps... If I use a 2.5" or 3" rolling handle, it makes the curl much more difficult for me because of the more open hand position throughout the curl...Humbling experience for me the first time I tryed preacher curls with a 3" rolling handle...and deadlift for that matter. Also a fan of revolving handle pull ups.

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Reverse cable curls with a rolling handle are fun and hit the brachioradialis really well (brachialis and biceps work as stabilizers on that too) along with some wrist extensors at the end of the movement. There's all kinds of fun stuff that can be done with a crusher.

If I were working on my rolling handle DL obviously I would do more rolling handle deadlifting but there is no reason that other things like rolling handle curls couldn't be auxiliary movements.

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