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Training Ring & Pinky Fingers With Imtug's


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I have had these for a while, I have 3,4,5 and just got a 6 recently. I have not really tried the 6 until today when i was playing around with them, the 6 is like a brick. I can do endless sets of 10 reps with the 5 but the 6 is extremely hard just to get to parallel. Jut before I actually had to google the IMTUG range to see if they do a 9, thought maybe they had sent a 9 instead of a 6 because it is so hard, but they only go to a 7.....

who can close the 6 using just the ring and pinky fingers, and what sort of grippers can you close normally?

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I think you got a hard one, I've managed to close the #6 I have for one rep but it was difficult, haven't train with it much though.

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From this video I cannot really say how hard your 6 is. I could close my 6 before closing a coc 3. But I was doing lots of reps with the 5. Maybe 20+ with the ring and pinky. My best was a tug 7 with forefinger and middle finger. I guess with max of 4 weeks you will be able to close it since you are a mm0. Try reps with the 5 and then attempt the 6 as hard as you can then cheat close it and let go. Twice to thrice a week then after the 4th week at max you'll get it np.

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