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2015 Griptoberfest Classic - Final Results


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We had a heck of a good time during the comp and after with feats. Was a huge surprise to see Jedd pull up in front of my house the morning of the comp as well. Both of us were very close all the way through and either could have won. Was a painful one as well, still fighting the Tennis Elbow. Martin was nipping at our heals in all but the Pinch and did not finish too far back in third points wise. Thank goodness for Tylenol. Age range of Competitors was 11 - 64yrs and from 1st contest novices to very seasoned Elite level.

Final results scoresheet available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_DvqcMMfbPTPJ7838eMTH4a9gGQhCl4kWxUwdbx5HeA/edit#gid=9844914

Screenshot of Overall


Would love to hear what the guys thought about their experiences. I will post more on mine a little later after I have a chance to get the scores uploaded into the Database.


- Aaron

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Did some fun hub feats after as well and finally pulled off the 4x 10Kg plate 1H pinch lift at least to my own satisfaction level. Took like 5 tries.

- Aaron

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Thanks for running the comp. It was my pleasure to attend one of your contests.

I didn't know I'd be in Arizona until less than 2 weeks before the contest, and I've been focusing mainly on King Kong and AOBS, so my grippers were lagging a bit on the close, but other than that, I couldn't complain much about my performance. I took a chance and made a big jump on the 2" Crusher, which ended up being a bit too big. I wanted make up the points I needed to win, so I went for broke. Got it a few inches off the ground, but not high enough.

I'll have videos up soon of the events. I got some of the feat stuff up already.

I will say it was surprisingly tough to hit the stick on the Crusher, using the current competition rules. It was a good learning lesson, as I have just been doing lifts to lockout.

Nice meeting everyone and thanks to Jango who sent cool basic weapons as prizes.

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Jedd, once again was a huge surprise and awesome to have you join us. Glad you came a little early so I had a chance to show you some of the Grip Skunkworks secret equipment projects as well as visiting with you and your daughter on Sunday. Was nice to discuss training protocol ideas as well even though the time we had for that was brief. Bet we could discuss that stuff for hours if there was time. Glad you guys made it back ok as well and looking forward to the next time we get to go head to head. I think it had been about 6yrs if I remember right since the last time. Georgia (Woodall comp) I think.

Everyone did really great, and had a great time. We had 7 competitors total. Two of which it was their first contest. Another 2 it was their 2nd or third contest. We took time since it was such a small field and with novices and tried to coach as we went. Thank you Jedd and Martin for helping with that. Thanks to the contest sponsors of Dieselcrew and ZFJango everyone but myself was able to go home with a prize which was awesome! Martin congrats on setting comp PR's in every event. You earned them!

As far as my own performances I'm pretty happy with them. Grippers hurt and had to do the closes with hand up compared to normal close position and that felt weird. 2HP went well overall though surface could have been better. Was a little dry outside. I made a big jump for last attempt and missed at 255# instead of going for the 250# which I think I could have gotten for a comp PR. Crusher just did the best I could and managed to tie my best training lift. Missed at 97.25kg by just a hair on the height. After the comp there were lots of feats attempted and done. Was crazy to watch Jedd lift the Inch and curl the blob at the same time. I did a few hub feats but elbow was limiting playing with those too much. Jedd and I also did a bunch of attempts on the 4x 10Kg plate pinch. I can't remember how many, 4 or 5 seems like. I finally managed to get a good full lift and am super happy about that. By the time Martin left after dinner I couldn't even squeeze his hand in handshake. Still pretty sore and I think I'm gonna take 2 or 3 weeks off to see if I can get the tenderness down in the elbow. Formulate a new plan that will hopefully allow it to heal and then get back to work.

- Aaron

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It was an awesome day!!!

Jedd - thanks for posting the gripper highlights!

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Here are the highlights from the 2HP event. Thanks Jedd for getting the footage and putting this together.

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