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New Grip Toy... Building It Tonight


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I am off to home depot to try my latest idea for a sick griplement... I plan on taking a 3 1/2 ft, 2" galvanized steel pipe, attaching it to a "T" bracket, and placing 1/2ft. 2" steel pipe on each arm of the bracket. I will then load the arms with olympic plates, and will lever the thing around like a sledge...

anyone else made anything like this? I will probably pickup a conventional 8lb sledge to train with while I am there, but the plate loaded one just seemed like a fun idea. (I got it from seeing people lift sledges with plates duct-taped to the heads).

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Sounds interesting.

The device should have some significant weight empty.Let us know how it works out.

The two inch(outside diameter?)should make it similar to the IM Heavy hammer II which is a fun little gadget ;)

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That's a good idea for a levering tool.

I made a similar... albeit simpler one myself after an impromptu trip to Home Depot a couple of weeks ago. I basically have a 4 foot section of 1" OD steel pipe and two 1" standard barbell collars. I set the collars so that the weight is about the same spot as a 36" sledge handle. That's it... very simple but very easy to microload which is what I was after.

Have fun with the levering,


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