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Questions! Lever Device, Lengh? Training?

Kurt Lane

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Going to buy a 2'' pipe and put and fix a collar on it and leave 6-8'' at end for plates and an end collar to hold plates. I figure lifting it off ground keeping it parralell to floor up to waist height and then doing the same with it facing backward/behnind me will work my levering strength from both angles. I also use my thick bar wrist roller to work the other 2 angles up and down, levering side to side. Question is what length is mostly used in compititions or whats like a normal sledge handle length? Do you guys think this is a good idea to?

Im trying to cover these forms of training to make my grip all around great am I missing anything?

Thick Bar
Wrist Roller
Hub Lift
Plate pinch 1 n 2 hand

Am I missing anything????

And what length again for levering device handle would be best???

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Yea you are missing something. What's your goal? Maybe I missed it in previous threads, but that's a lot of exercises. So what's your main goal?

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Yea you are missing something. What's your goal? Maybe I missed it in previous threads, but that's a lot of exercises. So what's your main goal?

This is pretty much spot on. Even if you simply want overall gripstrength...it's incredibly hard to program for all of it. Especially for someone at the top, like Jedd or Andrew (though I think AD has other interests now). Not a complete list of course...David, Kody, Aaron, Brent etc etc. Actually it would be good to get their input on this thread.

Over time, I found that at best, I could work with one main burner and usually two in the back...anything else was simply maintenance or very slow progress. However, many of the exercises will have carryover...especially thickbar.

You can try and do everything, but it's much more rewarding to focus on one (main) goal at a time...the milestones will be quicker and really keeps the motivation up.

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For levering the larger diameter handle makes no difference. I have a 2" handle lever bar - a 1" handled one - and several sledges. Remember it's a lever - you can change the resistance by simply sliding your hand closer or further from the weighted end as well as changing the weight itself. I seem to always pick up my 1" handled bar - it's a piece of 1" hot roll solid steel around 18" long and I have a 5# plate on one end and some athletic tape on the handle end. For some reason it feels different than a sledge does. I lever for reps with it in all directions - this is not something I test with. For testing I use a sledge. If I was only going to have one thing - I would get an appropriate weight sledge hammer - especially if your goal is contest oriented and not rehab or general strength.

Or just use a Wrist Thingy and have it all.

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This kinda fits here so I'm going to ask, has anyone ever made a leverage device from a shovel with a D shaped handle? Broke a short, 30" or so harbor freight shovel and am thinking about chopping the head off completely and adding collars or pins to add weights. Could make the handle thicker with a pool noodle or something too.

Basically you could do a wrist curl type motion, with thumbs pointing towards your body instead of to the front. Make sense?

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I want overall complete grip strength so I can go into a compitition and be prepaired to handle any and all events. Im using the 2'' diameter because thats what olympic plates fit on.

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