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Wrist Push Ups

David Mitti

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Ive done em one handed, mikes a witness; they didnt do shit for me other than give me a lil more pain tolernce. They are cool lookin though. Pretty cool homage to Jackie Chan but not much else.

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I love these. Flipper push ups. I can do them with my fingers pointed toward my toes. I find its a good contraspecific for grip work, as it seems to release some tension from closing the hand so much.

Even just holding a plank is good this way.

And yes, Jose can do these one handed.

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Please take my words lightly as I have never done what I am about to say: I clearly remember a very well known gymnastics instructor and author recommending push-ups for wrist strength and flexibility, for both flexors and extensors. For the flexors, you do a regular push-up, but at the top of it you "flex" the wrist, leaving only your fingers making contact with the ground (at the same time making the palm of your hand in-line with your forearm, or close to it). You can see why this makes it flexible.

Now the interesting part: for the extensors he recommended a push-up that starts similar to the video posted by the Original Poster, BUT, at the top of it, you extend your wrists, leaving you in a possition very similar to a "fist push-up",, or very similar to it, with again the palm of your hands in-line with your forearm. I never did this but I could see how it could create quite some strength in the wrist extensors to do it. I hope my description makes any sense.

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