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200 Lb Dumbbells


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I was looking and looking and looking and looking.For that 200 lb dumbbell.I tried craigslist.But to no avail.Hard to find something bigger.

I stumbled by accident here.And bang.There was one thread about some dude trying to buy those big boys.So,i got link

And in part thanks to this board.I have purchased my 208 lb dumbbell


200 lb set one

So,when i get that one.What will i do

I can dumbbell row now 170 lb for 4.Bench around 400 lb.Bit less.But hey.My gym is far from me and i have no car.Winter time is a killer.I need something you know.To get more strenght.Only thing is to get one big ass dumbbell.Which i did.I paid 300 bucks.Hell,kinda steep but

Il try to do shrugs with it.And deadlifts.I can deadlift 180 lb with one arm.So in about 3-4 weeks i would be able to lift this bad boy with one hand.And after deadlifts.Il try dumbbell rows

If anybody has any suggestions i can use that dumbbell for.Let me know

Even though i have big ass arms.I cant pump my biceps with 200 lbs.Maybe next year


So what you think,.Anybody from you guys have 200 lb dumbbell

(TBSET-200) 200 lb Set - ONE 24" Threaded Bar with 20x10lb Flat plates - Sale $294.95(Free Freight)

(TBSET-200) 200 lb Set - ONE 24" Threaded Bar with 20x10lb Flat plates - Sale $294.95(Free Freight)

(TBSET-200) 200 lb Set - ONE 24" Threaded Bar with 20x10lb Flat plates - Sale $294.95(Free Freight)

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