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Marco Buhl Certifies On Coc#3

Tom Scibelli

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Thanks guys.

here is the video:

Have been waiting long for the cert. Everytime i'm on this gripper strength i get injured. During my preparation i injured my left middlefinger so i couldn't train grippers with my left hand.
That was 2 month ago. Every Grip Session i was afraid that this happens to my right hand, too.

few facts:
I started an extra gripper Training. Road to Certification.
start: 30.05.2015
end: 26.08.2015

I REALLY wanted to get the cert so i trained grippers ONLY. No pinch, no thickbar, nothing. Reducing the risk of fail, injuries and overtraining.
2 days per week. One TNS Day and one MMS Day. (CCS tests were freestyle...) 5 days before the cert i did nothing. I only went to the gym to coach my girlfriend. I had 5 Restdays :-)
During the preparation i had ups and downs. I always have this. But you have to believe in yourself. Thats the fu.... secret of success. Ok, i know this is easy to say but hard to do. My girl has remind me often!

My strength before the cert:
12 MMS reps #3 (145rgc cpw rating)
6 TNS reps #3 (145rgc cpw rating)
3 MMS reps MM2 (166rgc cpw rating)
1 MMS THOR E (170rgc cpw rating)
3 CCS #3 (155 i think. unrated)

The night before the cert:

Cert Day:
Breakfast with 8 eggs and a few rice cakes.
I was very nervous all the time. You can see the ironmind card shaking between the handles.
The gripper has a wide spread. A bit more than my 155 #3. I cannot say if the gripper is harder. But it felt way more harder. I could easy set the gripper. The first half of the close was easy.
Then i was shocked. There was a tremendous backpressure. (don't know the right words. The handles want to get back to the start position.) It felt a bit like my GHP Grippers. I think it's because the gripper is not seasoned?

NO, i thought and crushed it down with a grinding at the end. And that feeling i cannot describe. Awesome!

In the end i can say:
1. You really should be over prepared. You don't know what gripper beast you'll get.
2. Train with a good mindset. 15 minutes concentrated gripper training is better than 3 hours playing around.

Thanks to all the guys here posting youtube videos. I'm not often on the board, but i'm watching your videos :-) Let's keep us motivating. I love this grip sport thing !!!

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I love all the info and video. Thank you Marco. Huge congrats too.

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Great profile Marco! Always good to know how others prepare and what they can do prior to cert! Massive congrats on the close too

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Congrats man! Destroyed that gripper!

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Nuff said already. Hope to be there someday. Congrats man.

You wrote you exclusively trained grippers, is that only regarding grip or did you skip all over body training as well? You were strong prior cert. Sheesh.

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Easy day!

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Congrats Marco!! Thanks for sharing all those interesting info!! Keep going!!

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Very well done! Congrats!

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Congrats man! Love your road to #3 cert vids. Are you planning on joining the Mash Monster list at some point?

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Cool to see you here Marco and congratulations! I saw Randall Strossen posted about your cert on twitter and the Ironmind website and you got some congrats from them as well. Great job!

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