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2015 World's Strongest Hands Videos

Jedd Johnson

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Here is the footage from the 2015 World's Strongest Hands contest leg that I held at my place.

I wasn't planning on competing, as I hadn't trained any of the events, aside from 2HP, but I felt bad for Big Rich Cottrell, because he drove all that way and everyone else had something come up. Luke was just planning on helping me run it, but I made him compete as well.

Meat Hooks

Two Hands Pinch

I haven't been able to get the footage for the Pickaxe edited yet. It keeps crashing the software.

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Here is footage from Finnish leg of competition.

Picture stops few times and audio is in finnish with no subtitles. Other than that, it should be good to watch.

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Stub Hold for Time

Pickaxe Lever to Rear

Finally got the Pickaxe Video to Render

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