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Pa's Leg Of World's Strongest Hands 2015 - 1 Week Early!

Jedd Johnson

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Thought I posted here, but might have forgotten.

I have to hold my Leg of World's Strongest Hands 1 week early, so July 25th.

Everything else will be identical to the rest of the locations, except that it will take place a week early.

I have a family vacation the original weekend of the event, so I cleared moving it ahead with David.

You will still only be allowed to participate in WSH one time, in case you were wondering.

Any questions, please post here, PM, or email me.



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With this rescheduling, I might be able to make this event!

What time does it start?

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Rich, sorry I didn't see your question before - it starts at 10AM.

Also, just wanted to bump this up, since it's this weekend.

In addition, I won't be able to do the pizza and drinks afterwards like normal, because we are leaving town shortly after the comp finishes. Sorry about that. It's always fun, but the Summer is just a really busy time for us.


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what is the name of that BBQ place a few town from you? Was it Meat Hooks?

Maybe that would be a good place for us to go after your leg competition.

anyone else up for something like that? personally I love BBQ


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Yes, that or The Meat Hook - something like that. It's in Laceyville, right down the road. They're only open Fridays and Saturdays. They prep a certain amount of meat and then when they're out they shut down, so you might want to call them bro.

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