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Plate Wrist Curl Training.

Jonathan McMillan

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Hi everyone, I have been off for a long time, about a year or two ago I tried getting back into it but crashed into obscurity/obsurdity again. Hopefully I am back for good. Anyways the new board is very slick looking but I find the postings lacking. While inspiring there seems to be a lack of dialogue on actual training and training ideas so I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling in the direction I would like the board to go and posts some thoughts I have on one of my favorite exercises:

As far as I know/recall Brookfield first discussed this either in Milo or his training tips on IM's website so if you don't know the movement look there for his tips and ideas on the exercise.

Now for some stuff I have done that I think maybe helpful to others.

1. I don't reccomend doing these off of your knee as he describes -although that might be a good way to get a cheat assist for a few more reps if that is your thing. I think laying your arm off a bench with your hand off of the bench is a much better way for doing these. Try it and see.

2. progressions. My wrists were so pathetic I had to start with just a 10plate wayback when I thought a gripboard was a skateboard move or something. Then you can sandwich two smaller plates in your grip until you get up to the 25lb plate. ie. a 10 and a 5lb plate Once there the gap between a 25 and 35lb plate is massive so here's where it gets interesting. Now you can sandwich a smaller plate with the 25lb plate in your grip but the gap isn't just the weight it's the torque physics going on with a larger plate -ie curling a 25lb plate with a 10lb plate sandwiched in your grip is world's away from curling a 35lb plate. I found using smaller plates with magnets on the far end of the plate a much better way to progress. Even here you might have to add more then 10lbs to equal a 35lb plate. Small progressions add up to a lot of torque weight so get creative. In the past I had some good results adding bent nails to the far end of the plate. Another option is to add a heavier weight to the middle of the plate and slowly work it out to the outer edge over time.

3. assistance exercises. Plate curls since the wrist is in an isometric contraction you can at least overload that one zone of the movement.

4. Behind the back 2 hand plate wrist curl. Since the range of motion is only about half and you are using two hands you can really overload that portion of the lift. Use the same progressions for resistence as the regular wrist plate curl.

Hope some of this helps everyone's training.


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Great to see you back, Jonathan! I like your training ideas for wrist strength.

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Thanks Ben!

I was looking through some older posts and I saw some really good stuff about the physics with plate curls that will relate to this by Acorne. I'll try to find it later if I have time add link it to this topic.


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