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Arm Breaks In Wal This Weekend


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Sounds like there were a high number of arm breaks this weekend. My question is are there certain types of matches that are more likely to end this way other than the obvious of getting the arm in the traditional arm break position? Sounds like a couple of them were actually in good position too. Are hookers more likey to go through this or top rollers? Maybe its a matchup that causes it like hook vs hook, top roll vs hook etc.

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I really have no idea, but this topic scares the poop out of me. I have heard that it only happens in bad position.....which I later found was not the case. I have also heard that once you have three years under your belt it won't happen....I think that's not true either.

I hate the subject, It terrifies me, talking about it at training is like the dude that shows up to a hot craps table and bets on "no pass"...

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Breaks can happen from almost any position, but there are certainly positions to avoid at all costs that have a higher likelihood to lead to a break. The majority of the 30+ breaks I've seen have happened to newer pullers, whose bones aren't use to the torque involved in armwrestling. Their muscles may be strong, but their bones may not be (yet).

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I would recommend to anyone interested in armwrestling to seek out a club and attend a few practices prior to entering a competition. And practice should be seen as practice, i.e. to learn proper technique and get used to the movement -- NOT to try to smash others.

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