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Just Got My #4

Clay Edgin

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Let me just start by bowing to Joe Kinney:


He is the Four score and seven years ago I am the MAN because I swear and I want everyone to know how manly I am by using profanity.ing man for closing this. Despite the fact that I can close the #3 on occasion, the #4 won't budge more than a 1/2 inch. No, I'm not within a 1/2" to closing it, I'm within a 1/2" of having it all the way open.

I'm pretty sure that I got an easy 3 and a hard 4 because the difference in them is hyoooge.

Also got my friend's #1, some chalk, and a pair of eagle loops.

I'll mash that goddamn #4 one day. I won't be the next, or even in the next 20 people to do it, but I'll do it. And no, my forearm didn't blow up when I squeezed it ;)

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My number four is just ridiculous as well, due to a very deeply set spring. Trying to set the thing is out of the question.

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Okay, after properly warming up this time (not just grab-n-go) I can move it about an inch or slightly more. I'm still no threat to Kinney though ;) I can't wait to play with the 4 for a while and then go home and crush the knurling off my 3...okay, probably my 2...

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Maybe it will feel easier after you season it! ;)

It should help you with the #3, but I think a BBE and BBSE would be more useful in the short term, and provide some nice training goals.


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