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250# Wrist Curl



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1. An Olympic bar should be used.
2. The lifter may start the lift with the bar in any position throughout his/her ROM. The bar must be lowered completely below the level of the forearm where the wrist meets the palm and then be lifted to full lockout.
3. Forearms should remain level throughout the lift.
4. Forearms may be placed over knees or over a pad/bench.
5. If forearms are placed over knees than feet must stay flat on floor.

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I struggled with judging this lift. I kept seeing a bump that I felt was a heel lift. So I ran it probably ten times through Kinovea - a slo mo program. What I am sure I am seeing is a tensing of the thigh muscles - I held a pencil point on the top of the knee and it does not raise. I passed it after a long long look.

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The camera angle makes it so hard to see.

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