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Finnish Grip Strength Nationals 2015

Juha Harju

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Great numbers!! Niko Eerola incredibly strong numbers for the 83 class!

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Congrats to all

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Could someone update those numbers for NAGS list?

Finnish Grip Strength Nationals 2015

Ironmind Little Big Horn

Petri Rantalainen 77.39k (85,4k bodyweight / 28 years old)
Ossi Kettunen 69.71k (109,6k bodyweight / 48 years old)
Jussi Wägg 69.71k (97,6k bodyweight / 28 years old)
Vilho Grenfors 59.93k (88,1k bodyweight / 71years old)

Grip Topz Adjustable Thick Bar

Niko Eerola 130.79k (WR @ -83k class) (82.2k bodyweight / 26 years old)

Harri Peltomaa 130.79k (105,6k bodyweight / 32 years old)

Arto Joronen 130.79k (149,9k bodyweight, / 49years old)
Juha Lehtimäki 128.54k ( 95,8k bodyweight / 26 years old)
Fenne Muhonen 128.29k ( 84,9k bodyweight / 26 years old)

Lucas Lindberg 108.08k ( 103,8 bodyweight / 23 years old)

Grip Topz Shallow Hub

Pasi Mehtälä 28.78k (124,4k / 42y)

Petri Partanen 26.3k (88,9k / 37y)

Juha Lehtimäki 26.06k (95,8k / 26k)

Jouni Mähönen 24.79k (101,9k / 37y)
Fenne Muhonen 23.56k (84,9k / 26y)

Niko Eerola 22.57k (82.2k / 26y)
Lucas Lindberg 21.08k (103,8k / 23y)
Harri Peltomaa 21.08k (105,6k / 32y)
Arto Joronen 19.84k (149,9k / 49y)

Many thanks,

Juha Harju

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Strength Spotlight: Juha Harju and Arto Joronen

At the 5th Finnish Grip Championships, Juha Harju and Arto Joronen succeeded on the IronMind Crushed-To-Dust Challenge, closing a Captains of Crush No. 2 gripper, lifting 90 kg/200 lb. on the Rolling Thunder, and lifting 20 kg/45 lb. on the IronMind Hub. Harju had already been certified on the CTD Challenge in 2014, and he ran through the moves with ease. But it was a new accomplishment for the 49-year-old Joronen (1.9 m/6’ 3” and 147 kg/324 lb. bodyweight), who was almost stymied by the IronMind Hub, but he persevered and his name has been added to the list (http://www.ironmind.com/…/crushed-to-du…/certification-list/). Juha Lehtimäki judged the event. You can watch the action here!


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