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Grip And Balancing?


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Hey Guyz,

Having done a lot of online reading into the history of strongmen throughout time. I have read that some strongmen used to incorporate balancing acts into their shows as something else for people to marvel at.

I have been into balancing for longer than my grip enthusiasm and just wondered if there was any other grip cats out there who might go in for the same? I think theres a cross-over somewhere as I can now hold myself on one handle with a one-handed stand for time.

I also believe there is a lot to be said for the forearm strength it builds as I'm now practicing sprinting on my hands!

I'm thinking that a lot of you dudes may be of the larger persuession and thus may not be but it would be nice to hear from anyone who is down for getting upside down!


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I've recently started experimenting with one arm barbell lifts and I think the balance part of these movements really taxes the arms in a unique way so I would agree with your statement.

ie. today I did some one arm clean and presses with my oly bar. 75lbs was challenging for me :blush

Look at Saxon's wrists for proof!!!


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75lbs, wow :bow:bow thats good man, i can only barbell curl 110 with two hands, i guess i'm only a one hand curler

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Thanks Strongman, but trust me it's nothing compared to some of the weights people have cleaned and pressed. I don't know if I could curl the bar with one hand at 75lbs.


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Get the book, Sons Of Sampson... it lists all the different strongmen and strongman strength acts especially of the last 200 years or so. Also, Bill Hinbern has a bunch of great books on the subject of hand balancing and physical culture.


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