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Pinky Lift

Wade Gillingham

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Does anyone know the world record for the pinky lift?

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In John Brookfield's book The Grip Masters Manual he says that Philip Brumbach did over 600 with his middle and over 400 with his pinky.

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There have been some big lifts done in finger lifting, including using the pinky. Most of the big ones use a ring that you can't straighten your finger when your finger is in it.

I played with the lift for a short while many years ago, using just an ordinary ring. Until one day I heard this ripping noise whilst lifting 90kilo. I looked down to see blood everywhere and my little finger hanging to the side. It had started to rip off to the side, you could see the tendons! Anyway, after a visit to the hospital casualty, some bemused doctors stitched it back together.

I still have a nice scar to remind me to never do this lift again. Be very careful Wade if you are thinking of doing this lift.


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The Sons of Sampson (vol 1) says Brumbach did 441 with his pinky, 551 with his ring finger and 661 with the middle finger. In kilos, 200, 250, and 300. Symmetrical, huh? He used an unpadded metal ring and quarry stones.

And it doesn't say whether they weighed the equipment, so for those looking for loopholes in the old-timer's claims, don't ask.

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David - I'm smart enough not to do this lift - just checking for someone else. Thanks.


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I could have sworn I just saw this record listed in the 2002 guinness book of world records at just under 200kg. I can't seem to find the record on their website though.

Best one finger lift (any guesses on which finger?) I could find was 794 lbs done in 1923 by John B Gagnon although this probably wouldn't qualify for the guinness book.


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